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Fellow American Patriots,

As many of you know, I have been under attack from and censored by the Silicon Valley Big Tech Tyrants. I will continue to fight against liberal Democrats and bring you the unfiltered truth.

Please consider making a small donation to help us continue to fund our independent media content. If possible, please consider a smaller weekly or monthly donation as it will help us more than you know.

We truly appreciate your continued support, loyalty, and interest in my content, opinions, and military and law enforcement expertise. It's an honor to have you on board with Team Ducote and to call you all family.

God bless you and may God bless the United States of America,

Douglas M. Ducote, Sr.
Protecting The Pledge, LLC

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Tonya Prigg

Micah Blankinship | $20

Long time listener and admirer. Much respect to you Ducote. Sign me up . Literally, where do I sign up. Keep us informed and may God watch your six. I back the Blue and all of White America under attack. Tell everyone to find their balls or fuckin start growing them now. This war is being waged upon us we didn't ask for it. Don't want it, but fuck it what're you gonna do. Lock n load!!💪

Raymond Kisner | $5.50

Thank Doug for providing this platform of freedom. We are in Greatest Nation in the free world. It must not fall to those who wish to remove its Rights and Liberties. Stand Tall Stand Proud .

Anonymous | $5.50

DAVID Ackerman | $10.70

Disabled NAM VET, 2 TOURS, USMC, $10.00, Prayers change things, pray in Jesus name, believe for a change to the better.

Ira Beam | $5.50

Keep the truth marching on Team Ducote 🤗👍🇺🇸‼


Keep up the good work senserly Jay Pasquarille

wendell | $5.50

Michael | $21.08

Sandra | $21.08

Thank you for speaking the truth.

Betsy Kern | $21.08

Hendrik DeWit | $104.15

God and everyone who confesses his name in public and loves his children, especially his Jewish brothers and sisters (as Trump DOES) will triumph at last! Hold God In your prayers to remember his promises to overcome evil. He Will because he is bound by his own word. Please Make donations possible in canadian dollars as well. Hendrik DeWit, Ontario, Canada

Robert | $5.50


Thanks for fighting the good fight Doug and appreciate your service! "God bless and God speed" 'TEAM DUCOTE'

Joshua Plowman

Douglas M. Dacote Sr. I Would Really Like To Speak With You Sir. If You Could Spare 10 Min.You Have My Email. But I Would Rather You Call Me On My Work Phone If Possible. The # Is 1-(575)-200-5533 I Am A Retired Firefighter/Paramedic. I Had Served This Country On Many Levels Federal, & Local For Many Years Until I Got Sick From Working 9/11, & Now Cannot Even Mention It Online Without Getting Banned By Algorithms. I'm pretty upset About what's Going On, & What Is happening, & Taking Place. I Would Really Like To Speak With You If You Will, & You Can. Please Contact Me @ Your Earliest Convenience Thank You For Your Service, & May God Bless You, & The Love Of Jesus Christ Surround You, & Your Family.

Michele Minadeo | $5.50

Thank You I have my heart for our constitutional republic our nation under God keep up the strength bring us American citizens past this delivered and declare war from corrupt politicians . Amen Safe Travels DOUGLAS .

Adiv Abramson | $10.70

Thank you for your service to our nation in the military and law enforcement. Thank you for your continuing efforts to bring the truth to your fellow Americans and to foster a growing spirit of patriotism and pride in our great nation.

Donald Kiser | $10.70

Marlin F Bachert | $5.50

Eugene | $41.85

I am the NRA. Proud Life Member since January 1966.

PRISCILLA | $104.15

Paul DAscenz | $5.50

Keep up the Good Work Douglas! Paul D’Ascenz

Rodney | $5.50

Thank you for telling the unpopular truth, and thank you for your service. I'm a Vet too and a God fearing American. If we don't fight to preserve all that those before us has fought and died for, then we don't deserve it. God Bless our country and our President.

Jason Williams | $5.50

Just wanted to say thank you for your service and for bringing us the truth day in and day out...god bless you and your family and god bless America..

Carolyn | $10.70

Douglas, please keep it up. Good man! I would give more if I could.

Reggie Padgett | $20

Carolyn Deason | $21.08

Mark | $20

William | $5