This is a long-term commitment!

  • You will choose or be assigned to a child and get their specific information
  • You will receive access to our private FB group with regular updates
  • You will receive 3 times a year the school report of your child 
  • You can exchange letters and photos with your child
  • You will be mentioned on our website ( or opt to be anonymous)
  • You will receive a donation receipt (we are registered in the Netherlands as a tax-deductible ANBI)

Cancellation has to happen at least 4 (!) months in advance to avoid the child being send back home!

Preferred Payment deadlines:

Payment term 2 2020: April 2020

Payment term 3 2020: August 2020

Payment term 1 2021: December 2020

And so forth.. 

If a child did not find a sponsor, we accept payment also after the preferred deadline to still give him/her the chance to start school soon.

Your donation covers the following:

  • General costs to run the Sponsorship Program
  • The School Fees
  • School Uniforms (uniform and sweater/ sportswear)
  • School Tours
  • Registration Fee
  • Exam Fees 
  • Meals in School

This is calculated taken the average cost, as they slightly differ per school and the needs of a specific child. 

If we remain with money it goes to our programs benefiting all children. We run several community projects and pay inter alia also for the kids their medical bills, rent, homework help, weekly meals, and so on. 

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