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Image CaptionPlease help – We are travelling to the Ukraine border to help animals in need! 

We, (The Dog Groomery, Paulton, Somerset) have decided to take a van full of animal food and aid to the Ukraine/Poland border next week. We will go in convoy and in conjunction with Dogbus Transporting Paws, Saving Lives. A wonderful charity that rescues dogs and cats internationally. 

As we know, the Ukrainian people and animals are desperate and in need of help. Families are fleeing to safety with their pets and very few belongings and supplies. 

We will leave on Wednesday and meet our convoy at the euro tunnel to drive across Europe. One of our team’s vehicles will bravely cross into the Ukraine taking in supplies from our van. 

Please donate to our own local ‘South West’ fundraiser, we need to fill our van and we need funds to enable us to get there. We are mainly asking for large bags (12-15kg) of dog/cat feed, our van’s food will go directly over the border into shelters. The other vehicles are taking smaller food bags to helps families on the move feed and keep safe their beloved pets. We can’t even imagine how scary this is for these people and pets right now. 

Many of us locally have wondered how we can help, now you can. 

We have also set up an Amazon Wishlist for donations. We need, large bags of dry dog/cat food, Medical supplies, leads, carriers, dog coats, blankets etc, we will also take human aid, warms kids clothes, first aid kits etc.  

We will be packing the van this coming Monday 7th March at The Dog Groomery, Paulton. Any help sorting and loading will of course be appreciated. Thank you to our friends and sponsors at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. I know we can do this with the help of our animal loving, wonderful friends!

Kate & Clint xxx


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They are fighting so we will fight for them. Never give up, be their chance, be their change. Save a life!

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        Ali Cook | £21.33

        Abbi Keenan | £10

        You’re amazing guys! Well done and good luck ❤️ Xxx

        Ju & Daniel | £100

        Yvette | £20

        Claire Hall | £10.79

        SNOWDON | £20

        Lucy Cowgill | £20

        Amazing people. What an inspiration.

        Jackie Coombes | £20

        Charlotte Moore | £20

        Jane Martin | £20/M

        helen | £20

        Thank you so much for what you are doing 🙏

        Eve Gulliford | £15

        You are all amazing! Wishing you safe travels xx

        Marcel | £20

        Hayley Clancy

        What an incredible job you guys are doing. I wish you all a safe journey x

        Natasha Milsom | £21.33

        What you guys are doing is amazing. Be safe xxx

        Paul Lewis | £50

        Well bloody played

        Gill | £21.33

        Thank you so much for all you are doing for the animals of the Ukraine and their desperate circumstances. It is brave, selfless people like you who give us hope for the horrific times endured by the Ukranian people and their animals.

        Maureen (Mo) Croxson-Hicks | £10

        Rose Harrison | £20

        Huge heartfelt thank you for helping, you're all amazing and very brave!!

        SOOPA PETS | £158.39

        Nick Hatcher | £52.96

        Julie Harfoot | £21.33

        Jane | £52.96

        Ingeborg | £200

        you guys are amazing showing such kindness, courage and determination, to help Ukraine🇺🇦 family’s and their pets, like children they are very distraught and bewildered, safe journey onwards take care good luck God be with you.

        Anonymous | £10

        Thank you! You're an inspiration.

        Pet Angels Cremation | £50

        Thank you for arranging this much needed support. Pet Angels would love to support how ever we can. Sending protection in your trip xxx

        Juli Boyes | £5.51

        Lisa | £10.79

        Best of luck and take care, thank you for doing this x

        Kanya | £50

        Adele Coombs | £10