Dog and Cat meat trade survivors food and basic medical supplies appeal.






No dog or cat deserves to go hungry and be denied the health care they need.

Rescue is the very first step of a  long journey for the dogs and cats we liberate from the meat trade in China. Each dog we rescue requires ongoing health care of course FOOD. 

After arriving at Plush Bear’s Shelter, our teams help each dog get back on its paws with veterinary treatment, medication, food and lots of love.

We are currently in need of essential food for all our dogs and cats (some are also on special diets due to stomach sensitivity, allergies or a need for weight gain)

Since nursing our Yulin dogs back to health we have become low on basic medical supplies needed for annual injections, and deflea and deworming medication.

We are appealing for funds so we can make our food order this month and replenish basic medical supplies. 

We have over 450 dogs and cats that have seen the worst of humanity and truly deserve all the care in the world.

You can help us provide for them.

Your  gifts  can help provide care for our dogs like this :

$5 -Buys a dog bed blanket for winter

$12 -  Buys  a dog bed

$!5 -  buys 10 kilos of food

$20 covers the cost of 1 dog's annual booster/kennel cough  and rabies injection

$30 will buy 20 kilos of food


These are animals we have fought to save! We have fed, treated and cared for them. We cannot turn our backs on them when they need us most.


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Our dogs and cats and so grateful to be given a second chance and we must continue to provide the care they need.

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      Donor Wall13

      ellen Ritsos | $100

      Your a godsend to these animals. I don’t know how you cope. I’d be in jail useless

      RINA NISHIMURA | $100

      Gaynor Davies | $15/M

      Tara and Rowan | $50

      Thank you for your compassionate work

      Camille | $100

      I love you all. Thank you for saving as many of these tortured souls as you can.


      Thank you for saving these cats and dogs. Keep up the good work.

      Linda Wong | $10

      I'm donating the 10 you need from 75 of us.

      Jacqueline Brethen | $50

      Karen Shannon | $15

      Linda Wong | $20

      Annaliise Nicole | $50

      Thank you for taking on this challenging work.


      please keep doing what your doing

      Dana Ufkes | $100

      Wherever is needed most🙏🏼💔😢🐶🐈‍⬛ Please HELP🙏🏼