My Friend,

I was on the phone with Augusto Zimmermann, one of Australia’s prominent constitutional law professors, and he told me, “Steve, you live under a dictatorship.” I said to the Professor, “Most people would not know that.” He said, “There is no more rule of law. They make whatever rules they like.” 

The Perfect Storm 

Sure enough, in November last year, our Victorian government voted to give themselves “permanent emergency powers”…even if there were no COVID cases! A minor party (the LDP) called it “an obscene power grab.” 

Why are they doing this? Where is this heading? 

In May this year, the same Labor state government voted for the Agricultural Amendment Bill 2022 which places restrictions on food suppliers and food supply. It is not clear how they will implement this, but we are told that farmers’ property can be searched without a warrant. Residential dwellers can be punished for growing their own food, and licensed gun owners who hunt deer are prohibited from sharing meat! 

At a time when there is a sudden lettuce shortage, high food prices, and an energy crisis…something doesn’t smell right. 

The Good News 

The LORD is not taken by surprise. To the glory of Christ, He prepared us in two ways: 

  • We took the church online and developed a vibrant online community before COVID lockdowns hit us hard. 
  • The Lord led us to a beautiful property with a Castle on top of a hill. He is leading us to renovate it into a self-sustainable ministry headquarters. Our aim is to make it collect its own water, generate its own electricity, treat its own sewage, and grow its own food, so our ministry can function off-grid when the time comes. 

Watching prophecies get fulfilled at breakneck speed, we realized that the Church Castle should be a place of refuge, like Goshen, an off-grid ministry base we didn’t know we would need. It will serve as Discover Ministries’ Australian headquarters and allow us to continue operating the ministry and reaching the world for Jesus…no matter the lockdowns to come! 

My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, 

and in quiet resting places. Isaiah 32:18

The land is beautiful, but there is much work to be done to make it fit for use. Built in the 1970’s, the old structure needs major renovation and expansion. Outside, we have a long driveway to be paved, trees to be cleared, parking to be installed, and an old swimming pool to be filled. We don’t want to put new wine in an old wineskin

The LORD is making new wine and calling Discover Ministries to make a new wineskin. Together they are bringing us into a new season. Enter into a new season with us!

How can I partner with the preppers? 

If you’re in Australia and work in the construction industry, you can contribute in non-financial ways with paving, concreting, lighting, landscaping, installing fences, gates and/or security system. 

If you have ever been blessed by Discover Ministries, would you pay it forward by sowing into the growth of this evangelistic and prophetic ministry?

Our budget for all works is modest by current standards. The median home price in Australia is now AUD $1.066M. Our estimated budget for this project is USD $1,000,000 (AUD $1.3M). This will give us a building that is sustainable, renovated and expanded. Our ministry has always run on small donations, so please consider donating a gift of any size—every gift is valued and put to good use! 

Lifetime Benefactors of $5,500 USD and Above

We would like to recognize benefactors, as the Apostle Paul did when he acknowledged the church in Philippi for being his special partner.  

If you are led to donate $5,500 and above, we would like to bless you with one Lifetime Membership to Discover Church Online. This is access to all uncensored content for the duration of our church’s mobile app, plus one year membership to End Time University. You can see our anointed courses here: https://www.endtimeuniversity.online 

Your time is very precious to me. Thank you for reading to the end. Thank you for praying for the people of Australia. Smith Wigglesworth said that Jesus would not come back until there is revival in Australia—a revival of the Word and the Spirit. I believe you and I have a good part to play in this prophecy being fulfilled.  

Agape and Shalom, 

 Pastor Steve Cioccolanti 


Announced 22 October 2022

Win 1 of 5 Unique Paintings

These vividly coloured pieces are intricately hand-crafted by a talented Christian artist, Sally Joy M. The wax on canvas is highly textured and gives each stunning work breath and movement. 

Pieces will be shipped from the U.K. to the top 5 benefactors in mid-November.

Psalm 34:7


Psalm 147:4

Throne Room Worship

Worship With Every Heartbeat

The 3-bedroom "Castle" has been used as a family home since its 1970's construction.

Sitting on top of a hill, the Castle overlooks the valley below.

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My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. Isaiah 32:18

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      Donor Wall15

      Melody | $23.16

      God bless your ministry

      Robert | $10.87

      Eueal Tiruneh | $26.41

      Raul Solis | $31.46

      May The Lord continue to bless your ministry! Thank you Pastor Steve for your strong voice for the gospel.


      Haggai 1:8 "Go up to the mountains and bring wood and build the temple, that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified," says the LORD. The word of God in the book of Gaggai 1, & 2

      Phillip Parker | $58

      Thank you for never compromising on the truth.

      Christopher | $709.69

      Love your work. I pray God uses this building to be a refuge for his people.

      Marilyn Crawford | $124.92


      May God bless this endeavor.

      Rosemary Banegas | $20.22

      Caren | $1,440

      There was no SGD so I converted $2000

      Maureen Fuller | $104.15

      God Bless, Protect, and give you Divine Favor! May this truly be a refuge as Goshen!

      Daniel Docto

      Phra JAO uay phra pon MAK krab ... big blessings from North ATX = Austin Texas USA

      Marianne | $5,000

      Roger | $25

      Thanks for your work in the ministry, it’s been a blessing!