Disaster Response Fund

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    Sharing Jesus with the distressed and the displaced!

    We are dedicated to responding to disasters 

    by providing relief and recovery assistance in the name of Jesus.

    The International Association for Creation provides donors, volunteers, and advocates with the local Biblical worldview resources they need to help impact their community for Christ.

    We have highly-specialized IAC Care Teams standing ready for deployment into areas served by our members that are in need of disaster relief and recovery. Currently available services for our members and their communities include:

    -Incident Management: We are committed to providing the largest impact possible with the resources available during a disaster response.
    -Disaster Mapping: We collect the data-points and track progress to help reduce the burden on the local community.
    -Hazard Mitigation: Limiting the impact of a disaster is key to be prepared, we can help mitigate problems before they occur.
    -Volunteer Management: Many people want to serve, and we can help bring organization to the crew or the whole community.
    -Debris Management: Helping get things back to normal is the name of the game, we can assist in removing things from where they should not be.
    -Expedient Infrastructure Repair: Skilled labor is essential, whether it involves a house or a museum, physical structures to IT support, we are here to labor for the Kingdom.

    Your investment in The International Association for Creation

    We humbly ask you to prayerfully consider a gift of support. Your partnership with The International Association for Creation will help us change the culture by championing Christ! Together, we can reclaim the Biblical worldview in our local communities as we work to provide the support needed to ensure continuity of operations and help mitigate risk after disaster strikes.

    Currently, thanks to God’s grace, your faithful prayers, and generous giving, we have more than 40 museums across the United States where children and families are learning about the Biblical worldview and are being equipped to spread the truth of God's Word in their local communities. With your help, we can continue to serve your community with local, faith-affirming resources through our global network of Biblical worldview resources.

    How You Can Help!

    Join us in our mission to help share Jesus with the distressed and displaced. Your donation of $19 per month ensures an IAC Care Team member is properly trained in disaster relief and recovery to provide a highly-skilled response to affected museums, members, and the community-at-large.

    You may also mail your gift to the following address:

    The International Association for Creation

    ATTN: Donor Relations Dept.
    P.O. Box 621507

    Oviedo, Fla. 32762

    *Please make cheques payable to 

    The International Association for Creation

    On behalf of Biblical Worldview Learning Centers and their staff everywhere, thank you for your support!

    If you should have any questions, please visit our Donor Relations FAQ Section, or call to talk with one of our Stewardship Specialists: 407-512-0638.

    Please do not let the sun set on an unfinished construction project, we need your help today to build the next museum!

    The International Association for Creation is a global platform dedicated to assisting communities in experiencing God's creation first-hand and advancing the Biblical worldview across the Earth through local, faith-affirming resources.

    We educate people about the Biblical worldview, empower Christians to reach their local communities with the love of Christ, and encourage leaders through networking and resources to advance the message of our Creator, Savior, and Lord.

    As the leading professional organization dedicated to providing individuals and families with local, faith-affirming resources through museums and ministries across the Earth; our desire is for passionate people to have memorable moments as they experience God's creation first-hand through our global network of Biblical worldview learning centers and zoological parks, laboratories and field research stations, educational institutions and universities, churches and ministries, outdoor creation adventures and camps, Christian retail outlets and library branches, professional speakers and tour guides, movie theaters and theme parks, broadcast media, interactive events, creation conservation specialists, and missionaries.

    The International Association for Creation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #: 81-3896085. No goods or services were received in consideration of this gift. Your personal details collected herein will not be shared or sold to any third-party. For more details on our donor protection policy, please visit us at http://give.associationforcreation.org. Thank you!