Defend Alex






Defend Alex from harassment and defamation from the porn industry and its allies. We've filed a lawsuit, due to escalating defamation from entities who appear to be very cozy with the porn industry, and need your help to fund it.

Go to for more information.


While we do not expect donations to exceed costs of what is going to be a very expensive lawsuit, in the event that we raise more money than is used, we'll be donating any remaining funds to the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Donor Wall1041

Tamarco | $10.70



That's a great cause. Good luck to all.


karim | $13.81

Can't do more than that, but i will be donating more after finally getting more productive and making more money by not faping.

Anonymous | $208

Keep going Alex, this struggle is worth it. This is my third donation.

Lars | $26.27

Porn has destroyed many things in my life. I am still wondering what person I could have been and what opportunities I would have taken if I never got addicted. But more than that, I am blessed for the opportunity that the Nofap community gave me to change my life. I wish you all the best Alex!

Anonymous | $5.50

Just keep help people don’t let the destructive Companies win

Stephen | $26.27

Go get 'em. Very happy you guys are around to help those suffering.


I really appreciate what you have done for everyone Alex, helped me change my life and rebuke all pronagraphy in my life, God bless your journey through all of this bro.

William | $21.08

A | $10

This community’s survival and existence is so important to the health of our of minds and bodies and overall well-being. Porn and the porn industry should be exposed, it is not harmless fun. It ruins you. But this community helps you see how it doesn’t have the power. This community keeps saving me. Win this fight for those still fighting alone.

William | $21.08

William Angel | $10.70

Anonymous | $2,000

Anonymous | $519.52

Because of you, I conquered everything bad in my life. Thank you.

Anonymous | $10

Porn destroyed my life. Please go on warning young people before its too late. I don’t wish anybody to go through the same shit, I‘ve gone through in my life because of this awful addiction...

Z | $5.50

Thank you for helping us fight this poison

Anonymous | $10.70


Jan Menke | $26.27

Thank you for your fight against that monster and everything you have done so far and will do in the future!

Nathan | $104.15

Without this community, I wouldn't have been able to be where I am today. I would've been lost in my addiction. Porn has ruined my life and the lives of countless others. There's no way I'm going to let the evil porn industry rob us of our happiness and freedom. It's time to fight men!

Glenn | $10.70

Porn addiction destroys lives and has robbed mine of god knows how much. NoFap is the only thing I've encountered that gives me genuine hope of getting back on track. It should be loudly applauded and strongly protected.

Christopher | $10

Neil | $5.50

Anonymous | $26.27

Thanks for what you have done. Fuck porn, this thing destroys my life. Alex you are truly respectable

MrPowerGamerBR | $10.70

Dave | $52.23

What you've got here is invaluable and worth fighting for.

Anonymous | $10.70

Keep spreading the awareness about this growing problem among young people.


Alex, I've been looking for quite a while to donate to a cause I felt I could truly get behind. If anyone else reads this comment and is on the fence about donating, this is it. Alex, we're with you. Keep fighting the good fight.

Brian | $10.70

Porn and masturbation has led me to live a half-life for over a decade. This addiction has been like a Pennywise that has stalked and tormented so many. We have to overcome this.