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Defend Alex from harassment and defamation from the porn industry and its allies. We've filed a lawsuit, due to escalating defamation from entities who appear to be very cozy with the porn industry, and need your help to fund it.

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While we do not expect donations to exceed costs of what is going to be a very expensive lawsuit, in the event that we raise more money than is used, we'll be donating any remaining funds to the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Anonymous Dood | $519.52

I am still battling with this addiction. NoFap has helped me a lot and I hope I will kick this addiction soon and become the best version of myself. I would urge you ppl to even lobbing for stricter control over porn.

Anonymous | $100

I am a survivor of ritual abuse and child porn and sex slavery. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to the powers that use this to blackmail and control those in power. Alexander deserves all the help he can get.

Anonymous | $10.70

f*ck p*rn

Josue | $10.70

Anonymous | $10

I'm addicted to porn and I'm facing all the negative aspects which this lead to. I decided to donate every time I relapse because if I don't want to but I'm doing it anyway it means it's a huge addiction and I can only help who made me realize it.

Rory | $5.50

I am an addict. I (or rather, we) must conquer this addiction, we can't let it hold us all down and destroy our senses of intimacy or let it lead to depression. Thanks for exposing the negativity of what porn does to your sense of well being.



Thank you alex. Right out I am unable to donate more due to covid situation. Thank you for creating the awareness.

Simone | $8.10

Good fortune e work!

Anonymous | $5.50

Thank you for standing up against an evil industry that destroys lives - you are the change the world needs more than ever. You give us hope that we can see a brighter day beyond this crippling addiction. Thank you for your hard work. I hope that Alex will never have to be attacked again, may we stand as one, united together as the NoFap family!

Erin | $104.15

Keep up the good fight. Thank you for all you have given to help others across the world.

Anonymous | $52.23

As a fellow addict I truly understand how terrible this affliction is. Helping out any way I can.

Adam | $10.70

There's a reason idiots are called wankers. Lets keep Nofap going, together. (Every relapse is another donation, even though its only every couple months xx)

Anonymous | $25

Thank you for exposing the porn industry. With all its negative impacts on the psychology of men and how you go from one extreme to another proves in many ways that porn is one of the most harmfull adictions in these days and times. Porn should be illegal in my opinion.


To George, who posted below: I don't know the darkness you feel you are facing, but please know you are not "beyond help." That is a lie that takes root in addictions and serves to further isolate us from others who do want to help. I have just found out about NoFap, but from what I have learned it seems it was formed to provide a community and tools for recovery and restoration, to give hope and support on a path to a healthier future. I'd encourage you to reach out to them or others who can help you begin your journey of restoration. Have faith for tomorrow and the new life it can bring (I am religious, so I believe that is God's promise to us - there will be a rainbow after the storms, if we will continue to trust and have faith the clouds will pass no matter how dark they are right now. We get another chance at a brighter future, no matter our past, as long as we keep choosing life.) Sometimes it is only those who have fallen into dark pits who can show others the way out later. Your life and story are needed, not just for here and now, but for future generations as well.


Levi | $5

Every time I relapse I'm giving money to a good cause. Doubling it each time. Money over hormones?


I am in my fourties and only just understanding how watching pornography has rewired my brain and made my penis numb. Real sex is magic and porn can become an addiction seeking rougher stimulation that absolutely ruins it.

Anonymous | $10.70

NoFap is saving lives. We're human beings who deserve love and intimacy - pornography destroys that. Keep up the good work Alex and team!

Anonymous | $5,000

"Thank you for your work which benefits so many women in the sex trade."


Newell | $10.70

Keep nofap alive

Paul Froelich | $25

Would like nothing better than to make better choices and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for helping us raise our expectations of ourselves. And everyone, please pray for the folks on both sides of the camera, both the producers and the consumers of content.

Anonymous | $10.70

I'm placing a wager on myself. Porn is vile and doesn't need to exist in this world. Lets get rid of it together.

Anonymous | $5

Don't give up. There are more ppl that' needs your knowledge.

Adilene | $10.70

Shaun | $10


Hello all. George here. I am 44 years old. This is my first and last post. For 23 years.....(even before this time to an extent, I experienced sexual mind changing things, that would lead to future problems).....pornography, using escorts and so many sexual related things/activities have destroyed me. I am beyond help now. I also have only come to realise, that a lot of everyday paper media publications and telelvision programmes and their characters/contents in general are roots of influence and evil, when it comes to introducing/influencing peoples mentalities towards unhealthy sexual attitudes and behaviours. Some send out a totally wrong message to many types of vunerable, easily influenced males/females. I have many forms of OCD (diagnosed 23 years ago) and it combined with sex addiction are an extreme life changing combination. Even if this message gets through to one person and stops them from destroying their life or change their ways, it will be worth what I am going to do, to end this self inflicted misery. I don't know myself anymore and the people I me are strangers. This is what this crap has done to me. It warps your thinking and brain. You take life, people, nature, this beautiful world and God (if your religious), the important things for granted, as you pursue and feed your soul destroying addiction. I know, like many others on here know, the stranglehold all this crap has on a person. I fully support this campaign and hope sooner rather than later, we don't have a world that contains this life/soul destroying SHIT. Wishing nothing but only SUCCESS to all of you on here and all others with their struggles.....Please feel free to use this message wherever/whenever as long as it helps anyone or anything/cause. Thank you.

Anonymous | $100

We will defeat the devil and stand tall as NoFap members.

Anonymous | $208

This is my second donation. Keep going Alex and be strong in the face of all the industry attacks