Unity Donation Drive

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    We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, donations are tax deductible. Our Organization's EIN is: 46-3756390 Only 50,000 downloads are available and are first come first served. A minimum of a $2 donation is required for redemption of song but can be more if donor chooses. Donor does not need to cover processing fee & will be given the option to/not to with the default being for donor to cover said processing fee. Donations from this fundraiser are nonrefundable. All proceeds from this fundraiser will solely go to supporting DC Strong.

    Donor Wall213

    Shelly | $10.66

    Heather Cartwright | $10.66

    Amazing cause! Thank you!


    Pete Swauger | $100

    Thanks for making a difference and for your wonderful music!

    Kim Christian | $10.66

    Shinedown, Thank you for making a difference to Emily Linneman years ago. Love you even more. Pay it forward!

    Jessica | $5.49

    Caught your live event tonight and again, you’ve pretty much saved my life with your light, love, and music

    Mike Espy | $5.49

    Niccole Sassman

    For anybody who needs a little help. Thank you guys for everything you do ❤️

    Christina Horrell | $5.49

    I love that my favorite band supports DC Strong Shinedown is truly amazing and authentic!


    Rock on guys! You are my families favorite band and we are so proud that you guys are supporting cancer survivors and the families affected! Keep the love going!

    Tiffany | $5.49


    Anna | $5.49

    Thank you so so much Brent, Barry, Eric & Zach for this! You guys are amazing and Unity is my favorite SD song. See you guys tonight!



    Joseph | $103.83

    John | $2.38

    Janice Fiscus | $31.37

    Thank you Brent, Barry, Eric and Zach for shining light to a wonderful cause!

    Bari Brown | $5.49

    Kelly Bakr

    Thank you for making a difference.



    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire Shinedown band! You guys are truly an inspiration for us all. Music can make a difference in everyone's lives and you guys prove it every day!

    Alyssa Cohen

    In memory of my brother Steve that lost his battle with cancer 2.5 years ago. He was a big fan

    Jay Coho | $10.66

    Thank you for Shining Down on these Kids.

    David Wood | $10.66

    This is for those who don't get to hear this, and for the ones who do, stay strong keep fighting, it's not easy but God gives his hardest tests to his strongest soldiers never give up

    Mitchell | $5

    Wendy | $5.49

    Samantha | $5.49

    Thank you Brent,Eric,Zach,and Barry for All you guys do!

    Kelsey Phillip | $21.01

    Brandy | $5.49