Day of a Stranger

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      Expected completion date: Fall 2019

      Contributing to DAY OF A STRANGER will help our team finish the film, here's what the funding is going towards at each goal level:

      7,500 USD: Upon reaching the first 5k, our team will begin planning a winter trip to the hermitage for another round of filming. The funding will also be going towards paying back our expenses from the July 2018 trip and the editing period for the teaser. 

      10,000 USD: Once we reach the 10k mark, our team will be able to work diligently scanning through footage and audio laying out the film in its entirety, while trying to maintain true to the ordinariness of the hermitage. This will allow the team to meet multiple times in order to contemplate, edit, prepare, listen, and focus on the ways in which we feel Merton can speak to his space. This funding will also help to pay for rental equipment to ensure the best possible film, cover fees for the editing process to begin, along with other fees incurred during the production period. This level would allow for Cassidy to make more trips to the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine, where she'll begin to research hand-written letters alongside the audio of Merton. 

      20,000 USD: At this level, our team would begin to plan a spring trip to the hermitage in order to film for another season. This would also allow to cover any audio correction needed (to allot for more perfect audio in the theatre), color correction for the film, DCP creation for sharing the film, and other fees associated with post-production. At this level, our team would begin to look at film festivals we could enter and use the funding to cover a variety of applications. 

      30,000 USD: Upon reaching 30k, our team would begin to plan a spring trip to the hermitage and consider the ways in which it can be woven into the current film or created into a part two. With this in mind, all the above would be necessary again. 

      50,000 USD: At this level, we would be able to pay for another producing member to join us on a spring and fall trip to the hermitage where we'd then capture all four seasons. 

      * For larger amounts please don't hesitate to contact Cassidy regarding your contribution. 

      Donor Wall13

      Tim Gallati | $25

      Ann and Chad Witcher | $100

      Thank you for this critically important work from a very profound perspective.

      Bob Grip

      Kelley Henderson | $250

      Scott Hanson

      Your friend. Many Blessings to you. Scott A. Hanson

      Joe Marotta | $25

      Charles Vaughan

      John Seryak

      I've been reading Merton for nearly 50 years. I first visited the Abbey in 1971. Being friends with Br. Paul Quenon and Fr. Michael Casagram has been a very real blessing. This film project deserves support as our current state of the world continues to need the prophetic voice of Thomas Merton. I continue my reading of Merton's works and have passed on the tradition to my children.

      Michael Reilly | $25

      Liam Daly | $25

      Christopher Pramuk

      Be of good courage! So grateful you are making this film!

      Tom | $250

      So excited about this project. Thanks for the opportunity to be a small part of it!

      Peter Breen | $250

      This film will impact new and old seekers, inspired by Merton’s remarkable long walk in the same direction in our era of noise bombardment and spiritual thirst. Well done Cassidy Hall.