Cycle to Syracuse

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      In October 2018, we are completing a memorial cycle ride from Lockerbie, Scotland to Syracuse University, New York, USA to remember those killed on Pan Am 103 and on the ground in our town on 21st December 1988.

      In 1988, the 259 people aboard flight 103 did not complete their journey, so on this, the 30th anniversary year, we aim to complete the journey on their behalf, to honour their memory, to honour the memory of those killed on the ground, to remember many Lockerbie townspeople who bravely responded to the incident, those who were traumatized and suffered mental health issues and to pay tribute to the emergency services who bravely attended and restored order to the town in the aftermath.

      Syracuse University lost 35 of its students, and since 1990, it has maintained a scholarship programme with Lockerbie Academy. The working motto of the scholarship is

      'Look back, act forward'

      so, in keeping with that wonderful philosophy, we as a community in Lockerbie and as cycle team representing police, fire, ambulance, school and RAF, seek to construct a better future, by raising funds and awareness for a worthwhile mental health cause, through this memorial event.

      We aspire to raise enough funding to allow local mental health youth counselling services  to be placed into the Lockerbie community and promote positive mental health for our young people in the Lockerbie area.

      Please do give generously and enable a better future for our young people!