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Hi! Thanks for coming here and looking to buy us a cup, or even cups, of tea and coffee to show your support for what we're doing at the good coach. Every day we're really fortunate to come across these amazing practitioners who've made a positive difference in someone else's life, and then willingly sharing their experiences and coaching approach through a series of blogs. We also know that if we don't encourage them to share their experiences we're missing the most important and valuable body of knowledge that's currently MIA in our field - the practitioner knowledge and their voice. Everyone who's working on the good coach is giving their time voluntarily to grow, organise and develop the potential of the good coach - whether it's working on strategy, carrying out projects, participating as one of the blogitorials, maintaining the infrastructure, publishing via social media etc. the good coach is completely independent, and we'd like to continue being so especially as we continue to grow and evolve. Any donation you make will give us a caffeine boost personally through to contributing towards maintaining infrastructure costs and allowing informative projects to take place! We hope you like what we're doing, and enjoy supporting us! Thank you! from the good coach team p.s. If you do choose to donate monthly tick the checkbox at the bottom. When you decide to cancel or amend your donated amount or offer a single donation, go to and sign in via 'Donor Login'. After making your first donation you will receive an email from who helps you to set up an account on their site, and from there you can update expired cards, modify plan amounts, or pause your recurring plan at anytime!