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Never give up! We are in this together, we can help them it's not impossible. Thankyou

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        Crisis DogBus

        An urgent plea for your help! #teamdogbus we need you...

        Dogbus is making an urgent SOS plea. Here we are begging for urgent help so dire are our circumstances. Our beautiful Dogbus was involved in a road accident on Friday, This was our blue Mrs Dogbus. 

        Our yellow ex ambulance Mr dogbus is unfixable, we can't afford another penny to try fix his faults. We are truly off the road. We do have insurance but as you know insurance processes are not done overnight and currently time is not something that we have. Approx time scale the insurance has given is 17 weeks due to Covid restrictions. 

        Dogbus not only travels to Europe but also drives countless miles all across the UK rescuing and saving lives – lives that would otherwise have been LOST. UK Dogs about to be PTS. Dogs pulled from abuse situations, victims of neglect and unimaginable horrors. Having the Dogbus running means we are able to provide safe, comfortable and licensed transport, helping other rescue organisations and owners with their transport needs. Here in the UK and abroad. 


        As we speak we have dogs waiting in our shelter in Romania to travel to the UK to join their forever homes. Unless we move these dogs, then the dogs on the street cannot enter the shelter. Winters in Romania are particularly harsh and thousands of street dogs and cats suffer terribly during these months. Cold and hungry they desperately try to survive, but sadly many perish. We have set up feeding stations and make sure they are dewormed, vaccinated but they need to be moved into our shelter ASAP otherwise they are at risk of being run over, dying from the cold, dying from treatable diseases, caught by the dog catchers put in government death camps or as in some cases picked up by unscrupulous individuals. But we are stuck as without a Dogbus we cannot transport our current residents to the Uk. We were planning to head out on 10th February but sadly that rescue mission has now been cancelled. Our shelter is full to the brim but we are in a hopeless situation.

         A note from Kris our founder... 

        Hello team dogbus!

         The situation in Romania at Monica's is critical. We made a promise to all them dogs and cats that we are going to help them, we don't break promises so we are going to have to recharge ourselves and make it all possible.

        The crisis Fundraiser is to buy a new dogbus, transfer the kennel unit out of Mr dogbus and put in new dogbus. I'll apply for inspection for container licence and add to our UK type 2 licence. I'll apply for our EU type 2 transport licence too. I'll re apply for all the necessary government systems too. TRACES, IPAFFS, CHIEF, CUSTOMS, TAX. IMPORT/EXPORT APHA DEFRA.

        It's hard right now, very hard. Alot has gone wrong and lot are suffering including the humans. We can do this, I trust and believe in you.

        The link for the fundraiser will appear in the next hour. PLEASE SHARE IT, WRITE TO NEWSPAPERS, TAG WHO EVER AND PLEASE ASK EVERYONE WHO WILL Listen. Ask for a miracle! 

        The time scale to this is critical. Monica is coping with the amount of dogs and cats but the really vital part are the dogs she's been looking after on the streets, in gardens etc. They were all due to come in on the 10th of Feb. The shelter is full, bursting and no option but just prey the ones on the streets don't get killed, taken by the dog catchers, die from hunger and disease. Be abused and left for dead. Below are the dog catchers, I'd forgive you if you thought these were pictures from China, they are not! This is Romania!

        Can we regroup and remember why we are doing this. Its not easy and the disaster after disaster is hard to overcome. We have each other and our Will to fight on. We have not lost Hope and we certainly will never give up. I'm so proud of you all and will never be able to personally Thankyou.

        All my love Kris  x

        Now this is where we ask for your help. We urgently need to purchase a specialist animal transport vehicle, we cannot just hire any vehicle to transport the rescues. This van will be in regular use saving lives. It needs to be hard working and up for the job. The van will need air conditioning, proper lighting, heating controls, GPS tracking system, remote viewing CCTV, wipe able surfaces, cages installed. Not only do we need funds to purchase the actual vehicle but other associated costs will include a dual UK and Europe registration. It will need to be inspected in order for it to be granted onto our UK Type 2 Defra approval license. Also a EU Type 2 License and insurance, will be needed.

        Our dogbus transports rescued pets from UK, EU, non-Eu, China, Pakistan, Egypt. Globally. Dogbus is the missing link in so many cases. Of course there are transport businesses who can offer this service but they come with a price. Adding to other rescue organisations raising funds and delaying rescues. Dogbus only asks for a contribution towards the actual costs of that trip, nothing more nothing less. If we have the funds we do it for free. 

        We will add a full breakdown of the cost and provide receipts. It's a huge amount, I'm not sure this is even possible? All the lives the dogbus will continue to help save, all the pictures you'll never see of that animal suffering again, all them feelings that you can't make a difference. You can! You can help them! 

        Any money that we receive over will go towards the up keep and maintenance of the new Dogbus to keep it running smoothly on the roads. The drivers insurance, the road taxes, the mot, the 3 mth services, the tyres, the upkeep, the fuel, the hidden costs. However, this could take months to come through and we just do not have the luxury of waiting. We just cannot sit back and watch thousands perish so we are literally begging you; please help Dogbus get back onto the roads. Please these are just some of the precious faces waiting for us, please how can we say to them that we cannot bring you home, we can no longer help you


        Your donation towards the Dogbus really is the difference between life and death. We don't receive any other financial support from anywhere else. Please help us in this mammoth task


        Email: [email protected] 

        Phone: 07943040970 (uk)

         Socials: @dogbus999

         PayPal donation to: [email protected] 

        Direct bank transfer (the only fee free donation) 

        Bank account name : dogbus 

        Sort code 08-71-99 

        Account number 30734451 

        Post: Dogbus Transporting Paws saving lives. C/O KAdams 


        Coventry Road 


        LE17 4TA