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CAP Fund is a unique program. Designed from the ground up with your Family in mind. Life is a mysterious beast that seems to lash out when you least expect it in a variety of different ways. Financially, and even Mortally. Even though these things are a very real fact of life, What if there were a place or group of individuals trying to accomplish one task. Softening the merciless toll that life itself can take on a single family. What if these people wanted nothing more than to help you grow as a family, protect you during the thick and thin of the world around you. Custom tailoring programs and events to help each connected family and its children flourish using a wide range of Family Training Resources, Public Assistance, and Practical Awareness bound together through a tight knit Network. What if this existed, how could it change the daily lives of Parents, Guardians, Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults of today. 

Thankfully, This is the CAP Fund Motto, Creed, Mission, the literal driving force that fuels the entire organization. We as a team want nothing more than to ensure that the Average family through out our great nation can have a proverbial security net in case the uncertainties of life rear up. This is not a matter of “IF’, simply a matter of when. We stand by our members, trying to help when necessary. We are not managing body, rather a friendly neighborhood guide when you need us. We do not do this for fame, glory, or recognition. We aren’t marketing this for some sort of financial gain. Instead, out of love, and compassion for the people around us we stand with you and make sure that you have access to experienced men and women ready to back you up when you need it most. We are not just an idea, CAP Fund is a light in the darkness, that will always help you find your way no matter what life throws at you. 

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