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Our Global Mindfulness Project

Master Niels is working hard to set up something new! If you like one of his MINDFULNESS TEACHINGS, please support us by giving a DONATION! 

Currently, our team is working hard on a GLOBAL MINDFULNESS PROJECT. Master Niels wants to spread the more profound teachings of mindfulness into the west. To accomplish this project, we divided this project into three phases (see objectives), starting with creating an ONLINE PLATFORM FOR MINDFULNESS, where students and teachers can study online (

After the first phase, our goal is to spread the more profound teachings in the west and to set up an Inner Mind Retreat Center. 


With your donations, we have already been able to take many essential steps! We've set up the foundation of our online platform and providing it with important content about mindfulness. Students and Teachers can now start to follow courses to learn more about mindfulness. When we complete the platform, many people are helped, and that is our first goal. There are still a lot of things to work on, but it is a good start!

Our objectives


PHASE 3: Creating an INSTITUTE in The Netherlands where we offer our RETREATS

Please DONATE, and our team will create something beautiful!
Donations have a tremendous value for both giver and recipient because it gains a lot of merit. You decide how many you want to give and we are grateful for your donation. Thank you for helping us!

Become a MEMBER and get more! (click HERE to sign up)

It is also possible to become a MEMBER. As a member, you are not only supporting us. We will provide you the following EXTRAS as well:


  • A CURRICULUM that supports your practice;
  • Guided MINDFULNESS VIDEOS by Master Niels to enhance your mindfulness practice.
  • MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS that keep you motivated
  • SPECIAL MINDFULNESS COURSES such as 'How to get rid of your addiction"
  • ANSWERS to your most burning QUESTIONS about mindfulness

Love and kindness,

Master Niels and the IMI team


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    Donor Wall19


    Just completed the intro to mindfulness course and thought it was fantastic. I've learned lots of interesting techniques from Master Niels that I will endeavour to make my own in the coming months. The course was well organised and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Master Niels and the IMI team.


    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

    Hasim Lokmanhekim

    Very well organized, easy to follow and I learned techniques that I can us life long. MasterNiels and IMI team , they make their job perfectly.Thank you.

    Ellie | 40 €

    Route du Soleil Coaching & recruitment | 300 €

    Een mooie en intensieve retraite van 2.5 dagen, die me nog meer verdieping én vertrouwen heeft gegeven. Het leek mij ongemakkelijk om dit per Zoom te doen, maar dat pakte onverwacht makkelijk en ontspannen uit. Eindgevoel: stilte, overzicht, inzicht en tevredenheid. Dank jullie wel Meester Niels en Jeroen!

    Become O8 | 75 €

    Had a wonderful 3 day retreat! I would recommend MRP in any given day. This retreat will not only deepens your awareness about your body, sensations and moods but it gives you long lasting tools (with the right discipline) that will last a lifetime. Thank you Niels and Jeroen for these refreshing insights. Until the next one! Gr Michael Koymans - Become O8.

    Ellie | 50 €


    Master Niels and the IMI team are very helpful and making sure that their practitioners are well informed with timely information and are always ready to assist with any queries you might have 🙏. The Introductory 10-week Course was so powerful and intense and I thoroughly enjoyed every session. I enjoyed it and want to learn more that I was invited to 5-hour retreat which was my ever first retreat. I must say it was mind blowing as it felt very special as my life has changed as my attitude towards life is now lived in ‘the present moment’ - The Mindfulness way!🌟🌈. This weekend, I have been invited to take part in my 2nd - 2.5 days MRP RETREAT. It is going very well and makes me feel calm, inspirational, grounded and peaceful❤️. Master Niels is an excellent teacher and have learnt so much but must continue to practise in order to become an ‘Observer’ 🙏🏻🤞🏻🌷⚡️. Namaste, Master Niels and IMI Team 🙏😊.

    Become O8 | 50 €

    Mag dit zijn uitwerkingen hebben op jullie geluk en vreugde. Sadhu!


    Bedankt Nies voor deze fijne introductiecursus. Het is een mooi nieuw begin, ik ga zeker door en hoop een betere versie van mezelf te vinden.

    Ellie | 15 €

    Goed om te zien dat er steeds meer mensen zijn, die deze meditatietechnieken gevonden hebben. Ik vind deze techniek heel toepasbaar. De kunst is om het vol te houden.


    An intense course which teaches ‚Pure‘ Mindfulness techniques, to what I am used to. I hope that I shall be able to learn these amazing meditation methods which Master Neils is teaching us. Learning in a group is so much better to learn the Mindfulness breathing techniques. It has been a wonderful experience to date. Thank you Master Neils🙏.


    Voor de tweede keer de 10-wekelijkse meditatiecursus gevolgd. Meer verdieping en de meditatie wordt steeds meer geïntegreerd in je leven.Het is waardevol om met meer mensen samen te mediteren.


    Yoga Geeft Energie | 10 €/M

    Pasuta Chitvarakorn | 10 €


    Hele goede 3-daagse retraite begeleid door Master Niels. Hier heb je iets aan.

    Hester Seesing

    Jolien van Waterschoot