Covid Bail Out NYC - Community Bail Outs from NYC Jails

Covid Bail Out NYC mobilized in response to catastrophe, when Rikers Island was the global hotspot for the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the NYPD, judges, and prosecutors have used the pandemic as a pretext to send more people to NYC jails for longer, all while ramping up criminalization of NYC's Black and brown communities.

Covid-19 is surging yet again in the jails, but that is not the only violence our people endure. Over 16 people died from systemic neglect and abandonment in NYC jails in 2021; thousands and thousands more are traumatized daily by the violence they endure in city cages. 


Covid Bail Out NYC’s community bail outs are radical acts of community defense against systems designed to kill and traumatize us.


Over 5,000 people are in NYC jails right now. Most are in cages because judges set bail higher than what they or people they know can afford. By collectively organizing to pay their bail, together we get our neighbors free, out of the clutches of the state, and into the safety of their communities. When we pool our funds for folks' freedom, we also disperse the crushing financial and emotional toll of bail, away from the friends, families, and chosen families of criminalized New Yorkers, most Black or Latinx, many living with disabilities.


Because of your support, New Yorkers can post bail weekly (if not daily) for their neighbors facing acute dangers on Rikers Island and the Boat, and we can cover their vital post-release support needs, such as housing, food, medical care & healing. Your donation gets people out of NYC jails and supported once free.


And every single dollar counts! Over 12,000 people have donated $10 and up, allowing Covid Bail Out NYC to mobilize community bail outs for over 310 people (so far) from Rikers and other city jails. That's people power.


About Us

Through its sponsorship of Covid Bail Out NYCThe Center for NuLeadership on Human Justice and Healing builds on its deep relationships and tested strategies to take back communities from criminalization in ways that changes lives, journeys, conditions, and futures.


Covid Bail Out NYC is a grassroots initiative that mobilizes community-driven bail outs of people from NYC jails and their vital support once they are released. Covid Bail Out NYC is not a charitable bail fund and it is not a bail bonds company. It is an abolitionist effort to mobilize each other to liberate our neighbors in the city jails on bail and ensure their safety after they're released. Covid Bail Out NYC is grateful to be fiscally sponsored by The Center for NuLeadership just as it's grateful for your support and the trust of our people inside. #WeGotUs #FreeThemAll

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Thank you for supporting folks' freedom from NYC jails and their safety once free.

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The Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, d/b/a The Center for NuLeadership on Human Justice and Healing is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN is 45-4968344). All donations made through The Center for NuLeadership for Covid Bail Out NYC are tax deductible.