COVID-19 Relief: Give Directly to Informal Waste Collectors






India is reeling under the second wave of COVID. 

With the public system struggling to cope with the current crisis, the nation's waste collectors - already subject to social stigma, unhealthy living conditions and a lack of social security - are being forgotten. 

These waste warriors who collect and prevent waste from polluting our oceans and environment, are daily wage earners. And so their livelihoods - and the sustenance of their families - depend on what they earn every day. With lockdowns being imposed, they've now lost their only source of income and their families are going hungry. 

Last year, you helped us at Plastics For Change to provide aid to over 6700 individuals from these communities. This time we're stepping in again to help the many families in these under-served communities get through this crisis now. 

100% of the funds raised in this campaign will go directly to waste collectors across South India, providing them with funds to substitute their absent income - thereby helping them feed their families and get essential items. 

Would you help us again? You can make a difference.



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