Meals during times of Covid-19 virus in Uganda

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Due to the Corona Virus the schools in Uganda are closed and the children will miss out on the only meal a day they get!

In Uganda the schools closed down on 20 March due to the Covid-19 Virus. This is a big disaster for our children as many of them are depending on the meals they get in school! Without these meals many of these children will stay hungry and go to bed starving the next weeks! Public transport has been also shut down now, which makes it extremely hard for families to continue working to support their families. The prices at local markets started to double and triple. Thankfully we are still able to buy food in bulk directly from the suppliers for still the regular price. 

If you are sitting at home now in front of your computer, tablet or phone, please take a minute and look around you and appreciate all the things you have right now.  

  • Our 22STARS children have no fridge at home.
  • Our 22STARS children have no running water at home.
  • Our 22STARS children have no money to buy soap. Let alone stock up any supplies! 
  • Our 22STARS children usually sleep with 5 to 10 family members in a tiny place.
  • Our 22STARS children are missing out on their daily school meals!
  • Our 22STARS children live in extreme poverty where parents live hand to mouth!

Thanks to your donations we are able to distribute soap, salt, sugar and bags of maize and beans to the families!

Right now we are supporting 267 families covering our 375 sponsored children and their siblings, who normally would have received a meal in school, which they don't get now. We budgeted 50 euro per family per month for maize flour, beans, salt, sugar and soap to make sure the kids continue getting meals. To make it sustainable for the long run we hope to raise enough funds to keep money aside to help the families stabilize their businesses again once things are back to normal. 

For everyone who is financially not able to give right now, we know you are also going through hard times and we highly appreciate your thoughts for us and sharing our campaign. Our heart is out with everyone affected, please be kind to the people around you and make sure to support yourself, friends and families!!

We are in this together!❤️

Pictured are 3 of our girls, Nakato, Gifty and Melissa. 

In total 375 kids depend on our support and the meals they normally would receive in school.

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    Sean | 52,04 €

    From Charity Makeover: keep up the good fight Stella

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    Thanks Stella!

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    Voor Katende

    Hippienezz | 52,04 €

    Thanks Stella, Susan and everybody for helping the families in these challinging times. Many of us have the luxery to practise social distancing, use soap and buy food for a few weeks, but it is a privilege that many don't have. Thanks for taking care of them <3

    Alex Russo | 52,04 €

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    Zet het goede werk voort Stella!

    Miriam Lück Einzelunternehmen

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    You are doing a brilliant job, well done!

    Katharina Rotter | 200 €

    I wish Mirembe Patience, her family and all the other families all the best in this hard period and especially lots of health. Take care!! A big thanks to the hole team of the 22 stars foundation

    Alexandra & Hannes T. | 52,04 €

    Keep all healthy Alex & Hannes

    GSM GET SOME MAGIC LTD | 103,80 €

    Danke! 💜

    Björn | 52,05 €

    Thanks Stella!

    Fiona | 103,81 €

    Thanks for helping all the people which need help especially for their existence minimum like food! We all deserve to eat!

    Carolin Haase | 103,81 €

    For Onyunk Simon Benjamin and his family, please.

    Melissa Messchaert | 103,81 €

    Please can this go to Misa Nakanwagi‘a family?

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    Be strong.... and take care of you all.

    Markus Kober | 88,28 €