Congo Tourism Gate

URGENT: The Nyiragongo Volcano has erupted Saturday, May 22nd 2021. Many people are now displaced and homeless. Children have been separated from their families and lost.

This eruption has caused destruction to the majority of the city of Goma and residents were forced to flee their homes. The populations of Goma and the territory of Nyiragongo were seriously affected: houses destroyed by lava, material goods burned, and missing children. Families were left with no food, drink, or shoes. Not to mention the psychological and physical shocks. 

 Hundreds of families are in distress, including those of the children we teach.  Your contribution will save these families, these children and give them hope and strength. With your donation, construction materials will be purchased for these homeless families, lost children will be searched for and will be given clothing, and food will be taken to their families.

Congo Tourism Gate is based in Goma, near the national parks. We aim to help the community through our program here. We appreciate any and all support! Thank you.

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