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Hello all.

Seriously. After months and months of thinking about it, how I could reach out to you in even more cooler ways, how to deliver more content in the Ambient genre, watching other YouTubers, looking for the right equipment, reading product reviews and comparing features and benefits ...

The next logical step for me is to make more content for you on YouTube: start making professional looking videos, mind blowing guides into sound design,  LIVE music creations, podcast streams and of course the occasional outdoor trips shot in stunningly beautiful 4K video that we will build the soundtrack for together in the studio! 

Isn't this what we've all been waiting for?

Then please continue reading.

"And so I have launched this donation page , welcome!"

Me -TC - host of the Spacemusic podcast and founder of Ambient Zone - I believe it's possible to lift my productions to a whole new level and publish super cool videos that make a difference. Videos that entertain, move, relax and share with you more content in the Ambient genre - a reflection of my passion for electronica & music.

Then comes the next question, what do I need in order to create such content? 

A very good camera. Make that 2 perhaps ... for the ability to switch between shots. Using the smartphone can add the occasional B-roll. Nevertheless, a high quality camera with a very good lens, good audio, lighting and don’t forget a couple of mounts/tripods … See? If you want to create videos that you can feel and almost smell ... it costs money. Serious Money! 

"This is done by using Professional video equipment that we can trust"

Camera's / accessories in the higher price range $1,000 - $2,000 Perhaps some might think "who spends $1500 for a camera to record YouTube content" ? Well, look at channels like "State Azure" , “BoBeats” and "Cercle" for example. These guys blow you away with their splendid looking content! Made using Full-Frame/ Mirrorless / DSLR camera’s and lenses in the high-end.

A quality camera is nothing without a quality lens. Lenses come at various price levels. Qualities as well. It's no exception when the price of the lens equals the price of the camera or even exceeds it. Wide angle lenses are perfect for studio use. Anamorphic lenses create that typical cinematic look, higher aperture ranges are better during low-light night hour shooting etc.

Let the light speak ; these days almost every Vlogger has one or more LED ring lights. The use of a Softbox works like magic! It creates diffused light and makes the scene look smooth and gentle. Much choice and options here. 

Audio that is good, clear and in-sync. As a podcaster I know how important sound is ... no need to explain this any further. I could use the extra mic and speak to you without the windscreen in front of my face …🎙

Time ….  lots of time, efforts and care goes into creating good looking video content. My Scanner podcast YouTube edition has already shown. The pre- and post-production hours will add up but that's all right. This is also one of the reasons I'm asking for your financial support. There's no other fulltime job when being a full-time podcaster ánd video creator a.k.a ‘YouTuber’ !

What I need for Ambient Zone:

I can only do this with the help of my audience. Help me raise funds! And let's make sure that the right equipment can be shipped to the studio in Cyprus. In fact 95% of the products will need to be imported from another EU country / USA. So I have set the goal at a realistic level (not minimalistic) to get this project off the ground!

Equipment :

1x or 2x Mirrorless / DSLR Digital Camera with 4K video - (ultra) wide angle lens - video stream mixer - studio (LED) lights/softbox and mounts - additional accessories.

( camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K series / Sony Alpha series / Panasonic Lumix G series / Canon EOS R series )

Start Fund needed :  € 3,500

( three thousand five hundred euros )


👉  Everyone that contributes (financially) will be mentioned at the Donor Wall (optional) on this page. You can also leave your personal comment. Your name, Company name, or anonymous will be featured after becoming a donor.

✅  Video recording is not just pressing a record button and go! … Video demands serious attention for both video and audio : both need to be in-sync, look great and sound awesome! As mentioned earlier: this is a next step. Something I look forward to!

Wanna join this project?
That would be super!

You can help me by making a donation, one-time or recurring.

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I hope to reach the goal this year (2021).

Updates will follow (as soon as donations come in) .


Ambient Zone // TC
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Patrick | 25 €/M

I'm looking forward to great videos. Thanks TC.

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