Sponsor A Company Legacy Tree

Leave green legacy and let everyone know about your company mission and values by sponsoring a Company Legacy Tree! In addition to planting a tree with your company label, we will personally get in touch with you to create a blog article or quick interview about your company. Your company logo will be listed on the Legacy Tree partner page and linked to your business page.

By supporting our green initiative and Sustainable Development Goals, you will stand out in the business world. A huge shift is currently taking place: customers are making decisions based on how your business contributes to sustainable living on the planet and the overall good of humanity. Thus more like-minded customers will be willing to purchase your goods and services because they will share your values.

A Company Legacy Tree has a company name tag on it and is visible on Google Maps from the Legacy Tree membership area once planted in one of the Legacy Tree planting sites. The company gets a beautiful tree certificate that can be downloaded or printed out. It usually takes up to 7 working days to issue a tree certificate that will be delivered to you by email. 

Join us on a mission to plant millions of trees worldwide!

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