Collateral Global

We believe that there is a need to understand the effectiveness and collateral effects of the mandated non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (MNPIs) taken by governments worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through commitment to the enduring principles of scientific inquiry, we aim to provide scholarship and research, building an evidence-based understanding of mitigation measures that is both accessible and actionable.

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    Donor Wall29

    Lynne | £50

    At last a place where I can see balanced and reasoned views from people well qualified to share their knowledge. I note you don’t want to use funds to campaign but I hope you will make every effort to obtain mainstream media coverage for some of your articles and blogs.

    Roger Bradley

    A voice of reason in a world going mad

    Ilya Fadeev | C$13.89

    Governments do need a good eye on them. This is definitely for the good. Thank you for your great effort!

    Christopher Kerr | £50/M

    Michael Willett | $52.23

    Mark Jarratt | $31.46

    Excellent efforts! Thank you sincerely for your sustained rational well researched critiques, especially the incalculable social, economic, legal, civil liberties and other costs imposed by government zero risk bias monomaniac CV19 "treatments".

    Ian Beers | £5/M


    Elspeth McVeigh | $52.23

    Thank you for your work and your bravery in trying since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Ingrid | $50

    Claire Wright | £10.60

    Thank you for your efforts in putting forward such informative and rational reports.


    Thank you for your intense and ongoing efforts to inform citizens of the world about the damage government restrictions (NOT the virus) have caused and are still causing plus your informed commentary on the nature of the virus.

    Luis R | $21.08

    Brian Message | £500

    important work as we look to learn lessons for a better managed future.

    J Butties | £15

    It is only a small amount but we hope it helps to cover your costs 2x 70 yo. Cornwall xx


    Keep up the good work. Lockdowns have caused far more harm than good and should never be repeated.

    Anthony Curran | £10

    Exposing the devastating harm lockdowns have on the poor .

    Colin Meade | £100

    Time to remind the "experts" that public health should be about helping living people, not social engineering


    John Wright | £50

    Much needed. Thank you for your efforts - and courage!

    J Butties | £15

    Thank you for all you do. It is only a small amount but hope it helps

    Rufus lbemarle | £100


    In the long run the truth will always out.

    Nikita | £10


    In support of the truth about unecessary damage done in my name by the UK goverment.

    Peter | £25

    Thank you for doing this and for all you’ve done so far much appreciated it’s kept me sane

    Heather Davis | £50

    Phil Buckle


    Well done for not just complaining about Government Covid policy but doing something about it