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        Mike | $5

        Thank you. You've already saved many boys from circumcision. Let's keep moving towards the unequivocal ban.

        Güney Sarigül | $50

        Let us purge the planet of this evil!

        Güney Sarigül

        More power to you ! Together we stand on the right side of history.

        Eric Anderson | $40

        In memory of Jesus & the Unabomber.

        eric | $100

        im tired of being told " awww does the poor little man baby want his foreskin back" or "thats a weird way to say you are an incel" if I post about being a victim of male genital mutilation on reddit or dare say anything in real life.

        Ala Sunder | $50

        Denise | $50

        Eric Anderson | $25

        Tommy Garnett | $25

        Eric Anderson | $25

        Give 'em one on the chin, for the babies.

        William | $20

        Eric, we stand with you.

        Joseph Williamson | $100

        Very brave bro, I'm moved and I wish you all the luck!


        Thank you, Eric for your bravery. This cause brings tears to my eyes because we are all meant to have a voice and an opinion and to share that opinion freely. Not only do I resonate deeply with your message but I also believe that standing up for our freedom is the most important turning point that we we can make as a human race right now. No more silencing bold statements that trigger organizations into fear. They fear because they are afraid of change. But without change for the better, we dont evolve into the amazing collective we're here to be. I trust that we are heading in a new direction thanks to people like you. Here's to rising into our true power and using our voices for positive change!

        Jacoby | $100

        For me, there was nothing more terrifying than questioning my Jewish father. When I saw that part of the play I felt chills. Good luck.

        Anonymous | $100

        Cameron | $25

        How modern we are, yet barbaric we act.