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        Jeffrey Klinger | $50

        Child genital cutting needs to stop, and the people like Eric who are trying to stop it need to be treated with fairness and respect.

        Daniel | $50

        Another way to drastically reduce rates is to ban commerce in child genital tissue. No labs, no cosmetics or anti-aging creams, no NOTHING!!!! Medical conflict of interest!!! Every reduction in rates will leave the forces of evil weaker!

        Daniel | $100

        ❤️your advocacy!!! But I fear for you! Advice: take out a HUGE life insurance policy. Make your favorite charities the beneficiaries. Make your insurance widely known publicly.

        Courtland Rawson | $50

        Hugo Brand | $25

        Thank you for standing up for the truth, for human rights, dignity, and sexual integrity. You are helping so many.

        Zach | $11.11


        Adam Sierra | $10

        As someone who was mutilated himself, I very much feel your rage. I'm sorry I cannot do more. I'm not a very wealthy person, but if I were I would pay all of your legal fees. Know that you have one more solder in this fight!

        Marie | $25

        I think your Harvard performance was fire and helped me understand this issue at a whole new level.

        Jennifer Mayo | $10

        Thank you for being brave enough to speak out in a culture that discourages critical, free thinking, for those who cannot yet speak for themselves.

        Robert Struggles | $20

        Graham Richards | $35

        People need to stand up to the cutting culture. Thank you.

        Ariel | $50

        Much love from Israel! Came after watching your Harvard lecture. Even in Israel, a country with high circumcision rates (80%+), people are starting to seeing the truth. As a person that brings up the subject as often as possible, many people i talk to just have no idea about the facts. Most people that cut their children thinks its more healthy and harmless. I really think you should focus on spreading the information to the masses, and i hope that some day not far along we'll see an anti circ ad on Israel's billboards ♥️


        Regardless of your thoughts on this topic, Mr. Clopper presents his perspective with remarkable ability. I incidentally came across his website and took the time to watch some of the videos. His case is very well laid out with a good deal of supporting information that is really worth anyone’s time. While some perspectives can seem polarizing, we each have the right to question a perceived norm. What’s more, we each have the right to question the faith and customs with which we were raised. It’s been going on since the beginning of civilization (ie, Socrates). One can’t help but admire Eric’s commitment to a cause and the level of enthusiasm that he has. I really didn’t expect to be donating to this cause, but his passion for child and human rights is admirable.

        Anonymous | $50

        Anonymous | $50

        Australia is a nation where Intactivism won. During the 1950s, Australia had a circumcision rate of around 80%. Now, only about 20% of the younger generation of Australians are circumcised. If you're looking for a case study on how to de-circumcise a nation effectively, look to Australia. If Australians can do it, Americans can do it.

        Anonymous | $50

        One of the most effective ways to bring down the circumcision rate in the United States may be to eliminate Medicaid/health insurance coverage of neonatal circumcisions. Having to pay out of pocket will likely discourage many people from mutilating their sons’ genitals. Several states have already abolished Medicaid coverage of infant circumcisions,and these states have significantly lower circumcision rates. This is a lot more realistic than an outright ban, and it is something that Intactivists should push for.

        FreeScholar | $50

        Circumcision is a CRIME against humanity. Thank you for the light!

        Carlo Revelli | $10

        Anonymous | $25

        Eric Clopper is a saint. Keep fighting the good fight.

        Jeff Borg | $50

        Free the speech.

        Daniel | $50

        Consider me a footsoldier in your intactivist army, Eric.

        Anonymous | $25

        It's ironic how America is supposed to be the Land of the Free, yet I don't even have the freedom to have a foreskin. Every time I look at my mutilated genitalia, I am reminded that I am descended from idiots. The American medical system and "parents" who have their children circumcised deserve to be severely punished for perpetuating this barbaric practice.

        William | $50

        Peace and clarity to you


        I want to help in my small way with this fight for genital integrity and the right of free speech against an institution that should be supporting Mr. Clopper in every way and not attacking him.

        Graham | $25

        Barry | $25

        Eric Anderson

        The Jesus Fiasco, in honor of tortured children since the beginning

        Anonymous | $50

        Thank you for your bravery in fighting against these barbaric practices!

        Anonymous | $50

        Wow. I am from Liverpool, England. I just watched your full 2 hour+ play titled 'Sex & Circumcision" at Harvard. Although a little crude at was definitely an amazing eye opener for me. I truly admire your stance in doing what is right. Truth will always prevail... as Mahatma Gandhi said: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Good luck.

        Eran Sadeh | $10

        I hear you Eric. I hear your pain and your rage and share it. I live in Israel and I did not circumcise my son. I have come to realize that eradicating this monstrous ritual is not possible by force, by a ban. It is too engrained in the identity of the people who practice it and they will viciously attack with all their might anyone trying to attack their ideintity. I think spreading information, organizing meetings between parents who did not circumsize and parents who detate whether to circumsize is an effective way to win hearts. it is slow but shows more promise than trying to forcibly cut this ritual.