Water filters for clean water 2019

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Water is a source of life...

... but when that source starts taking lives as a result of contamination, it puts the population at risk of  serious growth and health challenges.

This is the case in Uganda where more than 10 million people lack access to clean, safe and drinkable water. Waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea have become the leading cause of death among toddlers and infants. A statistic that can have adverse effects on the country’s economy and population.

We can help preventing this and provide families with clean water by distributing WATER FILTERS!

We like to buy for every child (300 kids!) that is sponsored by 22STARS a water-filter. One filter is around 120.000 UGX / 30 euro.  

As the kids don't earn money and their parents live on 1 euro a day, we have seen the last year that the families in our project area are not able to buy such a filter themselves. 

However we will charge the families (where possible)  a symbolic amount of around 10.000 UGX (2 .50 euro) in order to break a bit the cycle of aid and give the people a sense of ownership, forcing them to look after their systems. This amount will be used on extra food for the children on Sunday when they receive their lunch from us. 

Image: www.spoutsofwater.org


"What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others lives on forever!"