Every family in Bali deserves access to clean drinking water






Support needy families in Bali with a water filter to help them save money and improve their health in these times of crisis.

The issue at hand 

With COVID 19, most of the local people in Bali have lost their jobs and livelihoods have disappeared. 

Borders are closed, there are no tourists anymore and tourism represents 80% of Bali’s economy. 

Families struggle to make ends meet and every penny saved makes a huge difference.

During these times of crisis, the poor and vulnerable suffer the most.

It is so heartbreaking to witness, so I decided to act and to launch this crowdfunding campaign.

The solution

Water filters have never been more needed than NOW. This is WHY.

In Bali, water from the tap is not drinkable. So either people go and buy bottled water, which is expensive OR they boil water, on wood or gas, which also costs money.

Using water filters is 5 times cheaper than boiling water and 30 times cheaper than buying bottled water on a per liter basis.  

It also reduces plastic bottle use and people can filter tap water from home, without having to go out to buy water, which is better in present times.

The technology

The filtered water has been tested in many laboratories, it is safe to drink and is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The ceramic filter is a Dutch technology and lasts for 3 years. After 3 years, you just have to replace the ceramic filter.

        0.01 $ / Liter              0.06 $ / L         0.002 $ / L

On top of the Economic benefits, there are also Health benefits. Using the water filter literally breaks the vicious circle of poverty.

Children are the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases, let’s save lives and protect them with safe filtered water to drink ! 

And at the same time, help poor Bali families save money in these times of crisis.

My name is Jeroen and I am an ex-corporate executive turned social entrepreneur.

I am based in Bali, Indonesia and my mission is to improve access to clean drinking water in rural Indonesia by providing a simple and affordable water filtration technology. People here call me the “Water Magician“ . 

My organisation Social Impakt since its start in 2014 has already positively impacted 265 000 people in Indonesia with improved access to clean drinking water, improving health and income for these people. Worldwide 1 in 5 child deaths is due to a water related disease. In Indonesia alone,   27 000 children die every year from diarrhoea. This is unacceptable in this age and time and this is the reason why I decided to act and created Social Impakt.

Please check  www.social-impakt.com for more details.

Where will your money go and what does it buy 

Our Goal is to fundraise US $ 10 000, which represents 500 water filters for 500 families in Bali, providing clean drinking water to 2500 people. One water filter unit costs US $ 20.

Our stretch goal is US $ 55 000, which represents 2750 water filters for 2750 families in Bali, providing clean drinking water to 13 750 people.

We will distribute the water filters to the families who need them most in the villages of Bali.

With all precautionary measures, wearing masks and gloves.

We will send you pictures and documentation as soon as the filters have been distributed.

Thank you for your support and please share on your social media and with your friends.

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    Sophie | $21.08

    À toute l’équipe, continuez le bon travail🙏🏾🙏🏾

    christophe charpentier | $62.62

    Selamat atas inisiatif hebat ini. Jeroen dengan hati yang besar.

    Eef van Beeck | 10 €/M

    I am admiring your work so much Jeroen. Will visit you one day.

    Judith Estermann | $100

    Greatings to Manuela, she told me about your great project! Thank you Jeroen!

    Sophie Lombumier | $21.08

    Keep up the good work, Jeroen🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Rany Anggraeni

    We're running small coffee drink business and the profit goes to this donation


    Bonne Continuation et Merci

    Jeroen | $60

    Water equals life! Keep up the great work!

    Sophie | $21.08

    Continue le bon travail

    Anonymous | A$91.79

    from the cans collected at 205 McLeod

    Jacqueline | $104.15

    Leo | A$135.40

    Elisi Coaching | $21.08/M

    Proud to support Nazava. These are the best water filters I've ever used. Far more effective than the standard Western ones. Social Impact, led by Jeroen, is making a real difference in Indonesia

    Claudia | $62.62

    Love & light to Bali

    Stephen | $208

    Sharon | $62.62

    Lucy Mitchell | $62.62

    Happy birthday Jeroen... I love how you love helping others. I wish you a lifetime of love, including loads of self love. You were born to be loved! Thanks for being a great human, for 50 years and counting! Namaste... Lucy

    Sophie Lombumier | $21.08

    Continue le bon travail🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Chris Simon | $21.08

    Chris Simon | $62.62

    Jeremy Inabnit | $104.15

    Keep up the good work, Jeroen!

    Fanny | $21.08

    Bravo pour cette belle initiative !

    Do Well Project | A$21.21

    Sophie Lombumier | $21.08

    205 McLeod Street | A$32.11

    from 205 McLeod Street can collection

    Gary | $208

    Keep up the great work Jeroen

    Nadia | $62.62

    Well done Jeroen, great initiative for providing drinking water to people in Bali 💚

    Connie Hansen | $41.85

    Sophie Lombumier | $20

    Jenny Ambrose | $21.08