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        Amaterasu Za's off-Broadway production of 'Chushingura - 47 Ronin'!

        Our play ‘Chushingura - 47 Ronin’ is based on a real incident that happened in Japan in 1703, and is one of Japan's most well-known and enduring stories. Young Lord Asano of the Akō clan was provoked to violence by a corrupt Lord Kira in Edo Castle where law and tradition demanded both parties in a violent conflict be severely punished. Instead, the Shogunate did nothing to Lord Kira and sentenced the young lord Asano to death by seppuku, his land and property were confiscated, and his samurai retainers disbanded, which was seen as grossly unfair. Forty-seven of the young lord's loyal retainers made a secret pact and three years later took revenge, killing Lord Kira, for which they were all sentenced to death by seppuku.
        Amaterasu Za's production of this heart-rending story will feature a large cast and breathtaking scenes of sword combat. Originally scheduled for production off-Broadway in October of 2022, the production was postponed for a year due to the COVID pandemic. As it has for so many companies, this COVID year has been a challenging one for Amaterasu Za, and we need your help to make this production possible. The theater is booked, preparations are underway, and the actors are so looking forward to working again! We would hate to lose this opportunity due to a lack of funds.

        We sincerely ask for your support so that CHUSHINGURA can be performed in New York to a live audience this winter.

        ‘Chushingura - 47 Ronin’ 忠臣蔵は1703年、五代将軍綱吉の元禄時代に実際に起こった事件です。天下分け目の関ヶ原の戦いが終わり江戸で徳川家が将軍となって百年余りが過ぎた頃、武力は既に影が薄くなり知力が物を言う官僚制度となり、賄賂やコネが幅を効かせ武士道とは名ばかりになってしまいました。その時、片手落ちな幕府の命令で切腹させられ、お家取り潰しになった浅野内匠頭の家来四十七名が、二年間の艱難辛苦の末主君の無念を果たした「忠臣蔵」の公演です。コロナ禍で一年間延期になりましたが、やっと2022年10月にオフ・ブロードウェイ公演が出来る事となりました。息を呑むような討ち入りの場面などもございます。劇場も確保出来、皆様に喜んでいただける公演をお届け出来ます様に、制作陣・出演者が稽古に励んでおります。ニューヨークでの忠臣蔵が無事に開けられますようにクラウドファンディングを行なっております。どうか皆様のお力添えを心よりお願い申し上げます。