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Wendy Ward | A$125.02

Merry Christmas to FHS, Kym, Richard, all the wonderful volunteers, and all the beautiful loving animals. Thank you for all you do to rescue animals, care for them, keep them safe and loved. ❤🎄🎅


In memory of my father Peter, the kindest man & biggest animal lover. Merry Christmas Dad xx

Kathleen | A$62.72

Wishing you and all the Animals at Freedom Hill a Happy Christmas. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

Mat | A$10.79

Marit | A$21.17

Wishing you and all the animals at Freedom Hill a very happy Christmas 🎄

Deborah | A$41.95

Love you all

Vicki | A$31.57

Thank you for all you do. I onow at times it is tough but we are here always. Merry Xmas guys.

Christine | A$21.18

Merry Christmas to all the animals and all the angels looking after them x

Deb | A$21.18

Georgina | A$10.80

Enjoy the fruit and a Merry Christmas to all xoxoxo

Katie | A$31.57

Good luck with the appeal, you do an amazing job :-)

Jaqui Frigo Korte | A$52.34

Congratulations and Thankyou for your work. From our family to yours, Human, furred and feathered, Happy Christmas and hoping you can all remain safe this summer xxxxx

Pam Coles | A$125.03

You’ve achieved miracles!! Looks amazing, much love to you all, humans and your beautiful animal family xo

Trudy Brown | A$62.72

Love the work you do. Merry Christmas

Leanne | A$125.03

This is a very kind donation from earlier this year during the fires from my beautiful work colleagues at Junction Housing - to go toward giving the Piggy Princesses a Christmas feast like no other. Merry Christmas Holly, Audrey, Willow and Alice - with much love from Merrilyn, Bev, Justine, Cheryll and Tanya xxxxx

Donna | A$10.80

Hope the next year is much quieter for you

Wendy Ward | A$125.03

Jo | A$125.03

Enjoy your goodies Holly 💞

Susan Johnson | A$62.72

Merry Christmas and thank you for the amazing work you do. Xxx

Kylie | A$62.72

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas xx

Brenton Fahey | A$104.27

Merry Christmas to all the beautiful residents at Freedom Hill, and thank you to all the wonderful people that take care of you!

Padma | A$415.79

Horse Christmas party! Filling their stockings with lucern, gumnuts, apples and carrots and filling their glasses with all our love 🐴💕⭐️

Mary White | A$10.81

Sharon Haverty | A$21.19

Thankyou for all the love you give these beautiful animals.

carolyn | A$62.73

let's fill your christmas stocking with sweet raisin bread & crunchy apples beautiful helen - love from nanna leanne & aunty carrie

carolyn | A$41.96

a surprise gift for loui, moonlight & friends - to the sweet & cheeky babies who radiate so much love & happiness! love from aunty carrie & nanna leanne

Lianne Francis | A$21.18

Merry Christmas to all the beautiful souls of FHS xx

Kerry | A$21.18

I wish I could afford more.

Bobbie | A$62.72

Merry Christmas! Xo

Christine | A$52.34

Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for the wonderful care you give everyday.xx