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Donor Wall54

Leanne | A$125.03

This is a very kind donation from earlier this year during the fires from my beautiful work colleagues at Junction Housing - to go toward giving the Piggy Princesses a Christmas feast like no other. Merry Christmas Holly, Audrey, Willow and Alice - with much love from Merrilyn, Bev, Justine, Cheryll and Tanya xxxxx

Marta | A$100

Really wish it could be more.

Bobbie | A$62.72

Merry Christmas! Xo

Donna | A$10.80

Hope the next year is much quieter for you

Wendy Ward | A$125.03

Jo | A$125.03

Enjoy your goodies Holly 💞

Susan Johnson | A$62.72

Merry Christmas and thank you for the amazing work you do. Xxx

Kerry | A$21.18

I wish I could afford more.

Kylie | A$62.72

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas xx

Lianne Francis | A$21.18

Merry Christmas to all the beautiful souls of FHS xx

Grant Francis | A$21.18

Enjoy the festivities furry friends

Anonymous | A$52.34

Merry Christmas

Wendy | A$311.95

My two orphan sheep, Ezekiel & Isaiah, wish all their sheep relatives a joyful and blessed Christmas.

Jane | A$10.81

Wishing you all a very furry Christmas!

carolyn | A$41.96

a surprise gift for loui, moonlight & friends - to the sweet & cheeky babies who radiate so much love & happiness! love from aunty carrie & nanna leanne

carolyn | A$62.73

let's fill your christmas stocking with sweet raisin bread & crunchy apples beautiful helen - love from nanna leanne & aunty carrie

Sharon Haverty | A$21.19

Thankyou for all the love you give these beautiful animals.

Akshya | A$21.19

Sarah | A$62.73

I wish I could buy one of everything.

Vivien | A$415.79

Merry Christmas to all of you, 2 legged or 4 legged, we love you all.

Jodie | A$62.73

Merry Xmas to you all. Xx

Brenton Fahey | A$104.27

Merry Christmas to all the beautiful residents at Freedom Hill, and thank you to all the wonderful people that take care of you!

Mary White | A$10.81

Padma | A$415.79

Horse Christmas party! Filling their stockings with lucern, gumnuts, apples and carrots and filling their glasses with all our love 🐴💕⭐️