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We need your help to reach thirty-five thousand (35,000) youths and Students around Liberia, through capacity building opportunities and stopping them from falling into poverty. Amid the pandemic in Liberia report shows that the human cost of COVID-19 could be high. The population living below the national poverty line is expected to increase from 55.5 percent in 2019 to 68.9 percent, which means that an additional 526,000 Liberians are at risk of falling into poverty. In the middle of the crisis, Rehab Africa as a recently registered nonprofit in Liberia took up the time to build extraordinary programs that would protect families from falling into poverty, protecting the Mental Health of youths and Students, Capacity building programs, youth empowerment, and securing aid and education for people with disabilities. As an organization that seeks an equal world, all of our aid and program plan include individuals from all walks of life around Liberia. Poverty is on the Increase, Lack of access to better education remains a serious Gap in Liberia, Teenage pregnancy and prostitution is on the increase, Youth unemployment is becoming a National Security threat and lack of resources and support for people with disabilities is increasing on a daily basis. We know that we cannot solve all of these problems at once and that’s why our team takes steps to solve these problems one at a time. We are asking you to help us meet our Goal of $15k (fifteen thousand united states dollars) to help reduce these problems holistcally. “What will this Money be use for and why is it important”? This Money will be use to support our programs, giving to people in need through Aid and directly investing into young people around Liberia. Here’s a simple breakdow of “how” every $1 will be use: Part of Funds Raise will be use to Logistcally support capacity building and empowerment programs. Supporting our Partner Letters to Strangers+Liberia Mental Health Resource Center and providing Mental Health support for five thounsand (5000) Liberians. Providing one (1) year free internet service through a Workstation to 250 secondary Students. Providing first aid logistics to 150 secondary Schools around Liberia through our Partner program Medu-cate. Basic Eduaction support to falling Schools around Liberia through rennovations. People with disabilities Financial Aid Program. Liberia first Student loan program Liberia first Climate Education Program. Empowerment program for people with disabilities Gen Z Changemakers Project. Without money we cannot protect those families from falling into poverty, protecting people with disabilities, inspring and eduacting youths and studenst to take action in their communities. Your Donation is tool and inspiration obligating Rehab Africa to take the pratical step to solve these problems. Donation received above $100 will receive an annual financial report from our board of Directors and advisory board. Visit our website to read our Story and what have been doing over the years!

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