Digital fundraising tools for charities and nonprofits

Create an impactful donation form or donation page in minutes and start raising funds with a platform built to boost your donations.

Digital fundraising tools for charities and nonprofits

No technical experience required

Built for the nonprofit world and charity fundraising; we make it hassle-free (and code-free!) to create beautiful donation forms or custom webpages.

Designed to boost recurring donations

Add areas of impact for supporters to donate to, highlight suggested donation amounts, and let donors give in intervals of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Each donor is empowered to manage their giving in the self-service Donor Portal — streamlining your donor’s experience and reducing your administrative burden.

Designed to boost recurring donations

Create a campaign for your charity or special cause

Your charity might be hosting a once-a-year feeding program or fundraising year-round to fund local education centers. Your campaign might be long-term, raising a large amount, or a short-term with a quicker goal.

Create unlimited campaigns with Donorbox, start crowdfunding for quicker results, and use Text-to-Give for your charity event — all from a single platform!

Create a campaign for your charity or special cause

Personalize the experience for donors

Customize your form by letting donors give in honor or memory of a loved on, allow supporters to write comments with their gifts, and recognize each contribution on a Donor Wall.

Want to keep supporters engaged? Thank donors with customized receipt emails, sent automatically.

Personalize the experience for donors

Customized donation software for successful charity fundraising

Build trust and increase donations through better software, and get back to focusing on what matters most.

Comply with legal requirements

Comply with legal requirements

Even charities need to be legally compliant with local law. You can list all required legal disclaimers alongside all Donorbox forms. Plus, all donors receive receipts for tax purposes.

2x donations with company matching

2x donations with company matching

When an employee makes a donation to your charity, their employer will receive a notification to match whatever amount they’ve donated. Let your charity double up funds faster!

Modern payment methods, 44 currencies, 11 languages

Modern payment methods, 44 currencies, 11 languages

Accept donations via cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and many more; plus accept donations in 44+ currencies and 11 languages to take your mission global.

Trusted by world-changers big and small

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best charity fundraising platform?

Nonprofits have numerous platform options available for charity fundraising. The best way to determine which choice is best for your organization is to understand your needs. Some charity fundraising platforms may cost less or offer features you won’t use, so it’s critical to find a platform that fits your needs.

Donorbox fits the bill for many national and international charities because it stands out for several reasons. A primary appeal for many organizations is the ability to raise funds in over 44 currencies and 11 languages, enabling nonprofits to create various campaigns and donor pages for different countries and languages.

Other exciting Donorbox features include crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns to reach a larger audience. Text-to-give and Donorbox Live™ Kiosks also let nonprofits collect cashless donations anywhere.

How do I start fundraising for charity with Donorbox?

Another perk of Donorbox is how easy it is to set up. Federally registered charitable organizations, other nonprofits, individuals, businesses, government entities, and political campaigns can all use Donorbox to raise funds! All you need is a name, phone number, organization’s description, and email address. You don’t even need a website because Donorbox provides a platform to create your own donation page.

You can sign up, choose Stripe, PayPal, or other financial services to collect funds, and begin creating your first fundraising campaign in minutes.

How much does it cost to fundraise with Donorbox?

The cost to use this charity fundraising platform depends on which features you use as well as the plan you select.

Donorbox’s Standard package is free to set up and has no monthly fees. Charities and individuals can create donation pages and forms, as well as use QuickDonate™, Donorbox Live™, and peer-to-peer organizational pages for 1.75% platform + payment processing fees taken from each donation.

Nonprofits on the Standard plan can create events, memberships, and peer-to-peer supporter pages for 2.95% platform + payment processing fees. Don’t let these fees worry you; Donorbox also allows nonprofits to offer the opportunity for donors to cover these fees - and most do!

If your organization is looking for more, Donorbox has Pro and Premium packages starting at $139 a month. Both plans offer a flat 1.5% platform + processing fee and advanced tracking and customization features. Premium plans can be customized to fit your needs and provide more hands-on support with priority tech support, and your own account manager, and fundraising coach.

Learn more about our transparent pricing here.

What fundraising tools are available for my charity?

When you think about charity fundraising platform features, some, like donation forms and pages, are expected. But Donorbox has a host of options available for charities and individuals! You can use Donorbox to sell event tickets, create crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, and text-to-give campaigns, and encourage membership sign-ups and recurring donations.

Other features like QuickDonate™, Donorbox Live™ Kiosk, and seamless integrations with other platforms like Double the Donation are available to help you customize this charity fundraising platform to best meet your needs.

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