Caring For Emily Lola Tan

Letter from the "Caring for Emily Lola Tan" team,

Hey there,

1. The transplant has happened!

2. Emily's personal diary during the transplant
3. "I'm Alive" Post after checking out from hospital post-transplant

If you are reading this right now, chances are, you're looking for a way to help Emily, in the best way that you can.

And you will be, with us, as we're aiming to minimise her worries as much as possible so she can focus on recovering from the senseless, awful disease that she has been stricken with. How can one focus on recovering when they're worried about everything else?

With many of her friends all over the world giving support (that includes you!), the support system is fully in place and is the least of our worries.

Money is our primary and BIGGEST worry because it could hinder her chances of a speedy and complete recovery.

Right now, her personal funds (including a large token raised earlier by her close friends) to pay her monthly fixed living expenses can only last another 2.5 months (til mid October 2018). And it doesn't include money needed to pay for expenses that aren't covered by her insurance program, like additional tests, hospital meals, dermatologist treatments to recover from the chemo therapy's side effects, etc.

As her doctors in Hong Kong right now are unable to determine a firm estimate of when she will recover, the looming uncertainty of when her funds will run out is eating into everyone's mind, so we are running a contribution drive to make it possible for donors to conveniently contribute a fixed amount monthly to help cover her living expenses & the medical expenses that aren't covered by her insurance.


If 1,000 people contribute just USD$10 each month, that's a good USD$10,000 to alleviate her MONEY WORRIES. Knowing money is coming in consistently every month will make a difference, and give her the mental & emotional strength to fight. Any overflow of funds will go into supplemental medical treatments (if there's any) that could increase her chances of beating leukemia. 


Every little bit counts. Contribute what you can until she can get back on her own two feet & start working again. We're looking at December 2019 when funding is no longer necessary. For this cause, we have enlisted DonorBox and Stripe services whereby you can automatically send in your contributions using your credit card on a monthly basis. The moment donation is received, it will be transferred automatically to her bank account in HK.

We will provide updates of her road to recovery and the collection amount every month-end on Facebook Group - once we have collected enough to sustain her for her monthly/medical expenses during & post treatment (to the point where you can see cheerful Emily working again to support herself), we will terminate all recurring donation payments as we only need enough, not more.

Also while you're on the recurring donation program, rest assured that you can stop or amend your donation amount anytime by logging in to Donorbox's services.

Thank you sincerely for doing what you can to help Emily. 

For further enquiries, please write to [email protected]
Note that all donations at the moment is received in US Dollars.
More info at Frequently Asked Questions
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