Happy Birthday Harry!






Harry is turning 37 on June 24, so help out his campaign for Congress by supporting us with $37 today!  

We need YOUR help to pay for getting the word out about our campaign for social justice, universal health care & a REAL Green New Deal to reboot our economy into one that isn't destroying the only planet we have to live on.  

We're planning postcards to all registered Green Party members in the NY 2nd Congressional District to let them know there is a local Green candidate & ask for their support.  We want to spread the word, recruit more volunteers, & raise even more funds from that so we can reach out to all of Suffolk County Greens, since there's no Green candidate for NY districts 1 or 3 in Congress.

The first round of that is about 700 people, so for nice color postcards & postage we're looking at a bill close to $500 (they aren't cheap!), so if we get 14 people giving $37 we'll be set for this.  

At $1800 we can go straight to mailing all the Greens in the county.  Beyond that we need to be thinking about printing buttons, lawn signs, door hangers, & more, all the stuff you see the Big Two parties using to get their name out.  

Can't part with $37 right now?  Times are tough, we know lots of people are short on cash.  Even if you can only give $3.70, how many contributors we have is just as important as how many dollars.  Even just sharing this campaign on social media helps put the word in front of more potential supporters!

Rolling in dough & really want to help out?  Scale it up to $370 to take us more than half way to the first mailing on your own!

Follow me on Twitter @HarryRBurger, Retweet my posts about this or tag me in your own & tell everyone why you're supporting a REAL choice for Long Island!

This campaign is 100% People Powered:

We do not accept contributions from for-profit businesses (including proprietorships and partnerships) or from corporate-sponsored PACs.

We will accept contributions from the PACs of democratic people’s organizations, including labor unions, cooperatives, party committees, and peace, environmental, and community organizations.

Legal details & fine print: 

There is a maximum total of $2,800 per donor per candidate per election cycle.  Contributions are not tax-deductible.

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Thank you for your support!

Friends of Harry R. Burger


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      Good luck

      Joseph Naham | $38.73

      A Truly Great Cause! Happy Birthday Harry!

      Lorraine | $37

      Good luck Harry!