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Build Secure Enclosure

Help build an enclosure for raccoons and other species in our sanctuary!

Raccoons are a foreign and invasive species in Poland - they originate from North America and were brought to Europe by men (they did not migrate by themselves across the Atlantic or Pacific). The law has been recently passed that declares, in short, that raccoons and other foreign and invasive species, are parasites. They are an unnatural species for the Polish ecosystem and thus cannot be released into the wild. Until December last year, regulations allowed for private individuals to keep animals at home as pets.

The new law voids even that possibility reducing the options to either death or stay at registered sanctuary.

This second option motivated me to create the Szopowisko Foundation and aim at creating a sanctuary for raccoons to give happy and safe life to them. Racoon sanctuary is certainly the primary objective of the foundation; it is not however to only one - there are currently over 200 animals of various species under the custody and care of the foundation - among other, frogs, snakes, many species of birds, rabbits, ferrets, mink, alpacas, kangaroos, Patagonian mara, skunks, coati. We strive to create living conditions meeting their needs and to educate people.

We had started by adopting ten raccoons rescued from inevitable death and had created a large enclosure, as our private initiative, 6 years ago - the current enclose, albeit sizable, is not sufficienlty large to host the animals already rescrued this year (2022) and those expected to arrive in the future; we need to build a new enclosure that will be able to meet the needs of the animals and, hopefully still, to offer capacity to host more in the future.

We want to provide our animals with a private home in a place where they will be away from people, where they will not feel a pressure. Our Raccoon Sanctuary is not a mini zoo, but a safe harbor where each species will receive proper treatment, care and be kept in conditions as close to their natural as possible. Fortunately, fate has provided us with suitable land to expand the sanctuary space and create more raccoon private homes, but this will not happen without your help.

Every year dozens or even hundreds of raccoons are caught in Poland. Raccoons need human care and they become tamed quickly. Spring is the time of mating and notably more offspring is already arriving.

How many of them will be saved and how many will have to be euthanised? It depends also on you. Upon completion of the fundraiser, we will share a video-relation documenting the construction and the lives of the new residents.

UPDATE: Thanks to the trust and generosity of the builders, the enclosure has been erected (pictures above are from the 'inauguration party' :) ) with only partial payment required (first installment) and we were granted 60 days to pay the rest of the bill back.