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UPDATE NOV 8: We blasted through our goal in two days and through our stretch goal of £90,000 in less than two weeks. How incredible would it be if we could raise £100,000 to make this film? We're in the process of making the film already but if you still want to donate we can keep making this project bigger and better.

Brexit has destroyed the UK. From fishing to farming to the economy and travel, we have become a laughing stock. But the media won’t talk about that; they are too scared of criticism from Brexiters, or worse are owned and funded by them.

Something has to be done about it. 


That's why I'm making the world's most comprehensive documentary about Brexit with Byline TV. We're going tell the truth that no one else will. Together we can do it. Byline TV has already travelled around the country reporting on the fallout from Brexit, and reached millions of viewers. Now we are going bigger, making the definitive record on Brexit - something that can be seen around the world and set the record straight. But we don’t have the money the BBC does or corporate donors, just you.

To make a comprehensive, unimpeachable, fifty minute, globally distributable documentary is expensive. We need around £50,000 to cover all the costs and you can read more about where that will go below. So please, help us make this vital, game changing documentary, and donate to the project.

Dr. Mike Galsworthy

We're looking to raise £50,000 to make a 50 minute documentary on Brexit, exploring the forces that made it happen, how it went wrong, the damage it's done and how we can come back from it.

Your donation will go towards equipment costs, travel for a crew around the UK and to Europe, research, location hire, video editing and motion graphics designers to make this the most comprehensive documentary on Brexit ever made.

Not only will all donors get to watch the finished documentary for free, but we're also offering the following perks depending on the amount donated.

£5: Your name in the credits

£100: An Associate Producer credit
£250: An Associate Producer credit, plus a virtual screening of the film with Mike and the team.
£500: An Executive Producer opening credit plus a private screening of the film
£1000: All of the above plus an intimate drinks reception with the team.

We know times are hard, so you can also help fund this documentary by becoming a fundraiser. Just register using the link below and share the campaign on social media to raise money using your own unique link. Fundraisers will get a "special thanks to" credit and a private virtual screening of the film with Mike and the team. 

*BylineTV+ members will get access to the film included in their membership. Please donate today to receive donor perks.

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Donor Wall899


Brexit and Trump were the same thing. The same dark forces working together with their 'dark money' against Democracy. The making of this documentary will be a definitive moment for the realisation of this Truth and should help with the healing of our collective PTSD both here and on the other side of the pond.

Nick Foster | £10.64

As an ex-advertising copywriter I could help creatively with formats, scripts etc. email: [email protected]

Joanna Sheldon | £26.22

Thank you! Just one thing: please don't use mood-influencing music like what you've used in the Help Fund the Flick clip above. Yech! Yech yech yech! Like a lot of other people I know, I don't want to be subjected to an attempt to rob me of my autonomy when it comes to reacting to what I'm looking at. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.


This so needs to be done. Time for the silent majority to be given its voice back.

Libby | £15.85

The untold damage done by brexit to UK science needs to be told and seen widely.

Derek Galsworthy | £10

Stephen Poar

I'm keen to see an objective and unbiased report on the real story of the Brexit effect; both the good and the bad. I hope that's what we'll get in return for our donations. Good luck.

Lucy-Ann Pope

The unbiased, fact-based narrative of Brexit needs to be told in an effective, accessible and non-judgemental way; only then can we have a hope of winning the information war. Thank you for this project.

libby | £26.41

Anonymous | £26.23

Brilliant idea! Where's the £350,000,000 a week for the NHS gone?

Tom Bennett | £5

F*ck Brexit!


We've been missing a fundamental principle that the political machine led by elected politicians in Westminster have managed to eliminate from their own reality that public have taken for granted occurs, because that's what they've been led to believe. We should not accept the absurd notion, the only way accountability is achieved is through the ballot box. Given the actions of 12 years & all of the evidence we've documented and collected. If it was constabulary it would be put under special measures as the corruption harm and failure to to apply it's primary duty would be reason Enough for their removal in the country's interest. Accountability. Has been bypassed. They continue to behave with impunity. Even the ballot is being fixed via suppression. We cannot move on as a country, nobody can govern well unless we all face these realities . The future is reliant on us realising the truth of how we got to the state of failure and decline. As inconvenient as it is for them, They are not above the law. Hold them accountable for what they've done. We need to heal. They must face, &accept Consequences of their acts of wilful harm. Which needs to be seen done. To heal the collective trauma inflicted by a malevolent 12 yrs of Tory betrayal missrule treachery & sabotage. Accountability. Is. Everything. Tell the truth. Demand it for us.


This is so needed. Good luck pulling it together.

Pete | £26.23

Ann | £26.23

Sarah Gosling | £10.87

I support you monthly through Patron .. but here's a bonus .. 😎

Anne | £10.65

Don’t stop believing 🇬🇧🙏🏻🇪🇺 We’re all Rejoiners now


Graham Meeks | £5.46

Expose the racism hidden in the nationalist take back control vitriol espoused by the Brexiteer cabal that drove this agenda and MSM’s refusal to report it.

Martin Gilmore



Make sure you include the Russian interference.

Lucy Manchester | £519.48

Derek Wadeson

Mike Ford | £5.69

Really appreciate the team's efforts to document and shine a light on the complicit and corrupt, individuals, organisations and media that propagated this travesty.

Graham Coleman | £20.13

Sandra Levey | £10.65

Gillian Joyce | £10.87

Mark Curry | £10.65

Great stuff. Brexit has been an utter disaster for our country. Tell the true story of Brexit and you will change peoples' minds.

Mr David Max Ziemann

It feels really good to contribute to this project, which exposes the causes and effects of this terrible act of self harm, and begins the process of recovery from it.