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      Donate to BREAD FOR ED!

      Stand in solidarity with Oakland students and teachers!


      Oakland teachers are gearing up for a strike! Public education in Oakland is in a state of crisis-classes are overcrowded, and the Oakland Education Association (OEA) has been without a contract for over a year to win the schools their students deserve! 

      Oakland students and teachers need your support to win this fight! Bread for Ed is an effort to provide food for those during the strike that will not have access to such resources if they do not cross the picket line. There are 37,000 students and around 3,000 members of the Oakland Educators Association in this fight to defend the public school in Oakland. The vast majority of these students depend on free or reduced lunches, so this food fund is a critical show of solidarity with the Oakland community.

      OEA teachers are fighting to defend public education by campaigning for a new contract that provides:

      1) Smaller class sizes

      2) More student support

      3) A living wage

      4) Halt to school closures

      From West Virginia to LA, teachers are standing up for themselves, their students, and public education. Please help save our schools and fight back against austerity. Donate today and please share widely!

      More ways to support Oakland students and teachers:

      Contact info for Bread for Ed: oaklandbreadfored@gmail.com


      Oakland Education Association

      Democratic Socialists of America, East Bay

      California Educators Rising 

      International Socialist Organization, Northern California

      Agape Fellowship

      Bay Rising 

      Bay Resistance

      Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church

      Youth Together

      Kehilla Community Synagogue 

      Lake Merritt United Methodist Church

      Oakland City Church

      Eastside Arts Alliance

      East Oakland Boxing Association

       Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

      Bay Area PLAN

      A note to all supporters: Per OEA's request, funds will be collected by East Bay DSA and paid out to our local food provider partners, and remaining funds will be sent to the OEA member assistance fund (strike fund). East Bay DSA is a 501c4 so your donations are not tax-deductible.

      ✏️🍞✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞  ✏️  🍞 ✏️  🍞️ ✏️ 🍞  ✏️  🍞  

      ¡Dona a “Pan Que Aprendan Mejor”!  

      ¡Muestra tu solidaridad con los estudiantes y maestros de Oakland!

      ¡Los maestros de Oakland se están preparando para salir en huelga y luchar por las escuelas que nuestros alumnos merecen! La educación pública en Oakland está en crisis - hay demasiados alumnos en cada clase, los salarios de los maestros no alcanzan para vivir cerca de sus escuelas, y la Asociación de Educación de Oakland (OEA) ha estado sin contrato laboral por un año y medio. 

      Los estudiantes y maestros de Oakland necesitan tu apoyo para ganar esta lucha! “Bread for Ed” es una campaña para proveer alimentos para alumnos en escuelas solidarias y loncheras en las líneas de piquete. Hay 37,000 estudiantes y cerca de 3,000 miembros de la OEA que están luchando para defender la educación pública en Oakland. La mayoría de estos estudiantes dependen del almuerzo gratuito o subsidiado en las escuelas - este fondo alimentario es una demostración de solidaridad con la comunidad de Oakland.

      Los maestros de OEA luchan para defender la educación pública mediante una campaña por un contrato laboral que provee:

      1) Clases más pequeñas

      2) Más apoyo para los estudiantes

      3) Un salario decente

      4) Detener los cierres de escuelas

      Desde West Virginia a Los Ángeles, los maestros están luchando por sí mismos, sus estudiantes, y la educación pública. Por favor ayúdanos a salvar nuestras escuelas y defenderlas de la austeridad. ¡Dona hoy y por favor comparte esta campaña!

      Otras maneras de apoyar a los estudiantes y maestros de Oakland:

      • Para otros modos de involucrarte en “Pan Que Aprendan Mejor” (trabajo voluntario, donaciones de material y comida, etc), ¡haz clic aquí!

      • Aunque estés cerca o en otra parte del país, puedes apoyar esta lucha! Haz clic aquí para leer más sobre cómo puedes “adoptar” una escuela y hacerse una Pareja Piquetera!

      Información de contacto al equipo “Pan Que Aprendan Mejor”: oaklandbreadfored@gmail.com

      Una nota: Según el pedido de OEA, los fondos serán colectados por East Bay DSA y pagados a los proveedores de alimento, y el dinero restante será mandado al fondo de solidaridad con la huelga (el fondo de apoyo a los miembros). East Bay DSA es una organización 501(c)(4) así que tus donaciones no son deducibles de impuestos.

      ✊   Organizaciones Apoyadores:   ✊ 

      The Oakland Education Association

      Democratic Socialists of America, East Bay (DSA)

      Ascendant California Educators

      International Socialist Organization, Northern California

      Agape Fellowship

      Bay Rising

      Bay Resistance

      Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church

      Youth Together

      Kehilla Community Synagogue 

      Lake Merritt United Methodist Church

      Oakland City Church

      Eastside Arts Alliance

      East Oakland Boxing Association

      Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

      Bay Area PLAN

      Donor Wall362

      Natalie Ingraham | $28.35

      This CSU East Bay faculty members supports you in solidarity!

      Lakeshore Avenue Church | $200

      Thanks for helping our community care for our children.

      Miles Culpepper

      Good luck! I wish I were in town this week to walk the picket line in solidarity.

      Rebecca Zoglman | $104.15

      William Craven | $21.08

      Peter Lucas | $10

      Solidarity with the teachers and students in Oakland from Sacramento DSA!

      Young Vivanco Family | $52.23

      Our family stands with you, teachers!

      Jon Spinner

      ERICA SISKIND | $20

      Stay strong while you fight for education!

      Julie Allen | $50

      Teachers are our future!!!


      Jason | $10

      Stevie | $50

      Aimee | $28.35

      Daniel | $27

      Solidarity forever!

      Mary | $28.35

      Thank you for taking care of 'our' children (because all children are our children) during this stressful time. And thank you for making it possible to support the teachers needs without hurting the children quite so much

      Rachel | $52.23

      Go teachers! What you do is so incredibly important! Keep fighting for the district support you deserve!!

      Erin Donohue

      John Watkins | $52.23

      Very glad to see even though you’re having to strike you’re all still thinking about your students and their needs!

      Andrea Whitney | $200

      Lesley Paige | $40

      We support you - good luck and keep up the good fight!

      Sam | $28.35

      Nate | $28.35

      Oakland teacher for OAKLAND FAMILIES!

      Sandra Lee Clement | $104.15

      Going on strike is a sacrifice so that children and teachers can have a better future. Thank you for all that you do.

      Pamela Glassoff | $28.35

      Chris and Bruce Fortin | $100

      Sasha | $104.15

      Thank you for defending public education!

      Michelle Valente

      Zachary | $10.70

      Solidarity with educators

      Caitlin Potter | $50

      Sending love and support from Minnesota to Oakland's wonderful teachers and students!