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Whether you’re a small, medium, or large organization, we’ve got a cost-effective solution to help you thrive.

Free to Set Up. Lowest Fees in the Industry.

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Donorbox Standard

1.5% Platform Fee + Payment Processing fee

(Platform fee is capped at $25 for bank transfers!)

For organizations needing high-powered tools at industry-low prices, Donorbox Standard offers no monthly fees, no contracts, and is completely free if you ask donors to cover your fees. Approximately 80% of supporters choose to do so.

  • Free-to-setup donation forms, donate buttons, & fundraising pages
  • Free-to-setup features, offering the latest in donation-boosting tech
  • Free customer support that's knowledgeable and understanding
  • Free donor management for professional nonprofits
Start fundraising in just 15 min.

Donorbox Premium

Personalize your plan. Unleash your donation potential.

Book a demo for custom pricing.

For organizations needing to elevate their capabilities, Donorbox Premium brings you everything from Standard, plus a team of fundraising superstars, personalized support, and premium software to maximize your donation potential.

  • Expert coaching designed to pay for itself with increased revenue
  • Account Ambassador delivering highly personalized customer service
  • Priority tech support making onboarding & implementation a breeze
  • Premium suite of fundraising tools to supercharge donations
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[Donorbox’s] fees are the cheapest, and most of our donors opt to pay these for us.

So simple to use and so affordable. It's rare, to get this much functionality, simplicity, safety, and speed for so little financial investment.

The fees are the least, and it’s a secure platform.

Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software

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Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit Software

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Donation Management Software

Donation Management Software

Emerging Favorite

4.8/5 (123)

4.8/5 (123)

Donorbox vs. Competitors

PlatformPlatform Fees
Classy 3% + Annual Subscription
CauseVox2 - 4.5%
Fundraise Up 2% (or higher)

Frustration-Free Fees

Enjoy happier, more loyal donors with our donor-friendly fees. We don't pretend to be free while including clever costs, and we don't ask you OR your donors to overpay to grow your nonprofit.

No contracts for you. No complications for your donors. Just successful fundraising.

Donation-Boosting Features & Integrations

Donorbox’s feature and integration fees are listed below. Other fees may be charged by payment processors and third-party software providers.




Standard transaction fees apply, but there is no additional fee to use QuickDonate.










Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

1.5% main campaign fee
2.95% for your supporters’ campaigns


Click on each icon to learn more.

How the Payment Processing Fee Works

Payment processing fees are charged by third parties to deliver funds from donation forms to your bank account.

Registered organizations receive a discount on payment processing fees by using Stripe and/or PayPal. Connect one, or connect both to offer donors increased payment options.

Payment Processing Fee

(U.S. & Canada)


Credit card processing fee
2.2% + 30¢

Via bank transfer

ACH bank transfer fee
0.8% ($5 maximum)

PayPal / Venmo

Payment processing fee
1.99% + 49¢

Please email [email protected] and apply at PayPal's Nonprofit Center.
Non-registered 501(c)(3) businesses - 2.9% + 30¢ (via Stripe)

Outside the U.S. & Canada? Click here for pricing.

Examples of Fees

Donations RaisedDonorbox FeesStripe/Paypal Fees

ProTip: Donorbox can be completely FREE if you can ask your donors to cover your fees. Most supporters choose to do so.

Support for Next-Gen Payment Options

Donors can donate using debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, low-fee ACH, UK Direct Debits & SEPA bank transfers.

We’ve kept fees low while helping 50,000+
nonprofits raise over $1.6 Billion in 96 countries

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Perguntas Frequentes

Como a Donorbox é diferente do Stripe ou Paypal?

Enquanto Stripe e PayPal são excelentes processadores de pagamento que permitem você aceita transações on-line, elas não oferecem um formulário especializado para coletar doações ou armazenar dados de doadores. Eles também não fornecem boas ferramentas para gerenciar doações recorrentes.

Para obter mais recursos específicos para doações da Donorbox, e não oferecido pelo PayPal ou Stripe, consulte nosso artigo de ajuda .

Como é feito o pagamento da taxa da plataforma Donorbox?

Assim como o Stripe e o PayPal, com suas respectivas taxas, a Donorbox deduz a taxa de plataforma diretamente de suas doações. De cada transação de doação, deduzimos automaticamente a taxa de processamento para Stripe e/ou PayPal, bem como nossa taxa de plataforma de 1,5%.

Isso significa que você não precisa se preocupar em pagar faturas ou liquidação retroativa de seu faturamento. Veja nosso artigo de ajuda para mais detalhes.

Como recebo o desconto para organizações sem fins lucrativos oferecidos pelo Stripe e o PayPal?

Para organizações sem fins lucrativos dos EUA registradas como 501(c)(3) tanto Stripe quanto PayPal oferecem um desconto nas taxas de processamento de pagamento.

Para se inscrever no PayPal, visite o site atendimento para organizações sem fins lucrativos .

Para pleitear o desconto no Stripe, envie um e-mail para [email protected] com as informações encontradas aqui.

O que está incluído quando um doador escolhe cobrir as taxas de processamento da doação?

Se você oferecer a opção de cobrir taxas de processamento no seu formulário de doação, o doador pode optar por incluir a taxa de processamento de doações como parte de sua doação. Essa taxa inclui o processamento do pagamento taxa da Stripe/PayPal e a taxa da plataforma Donorbox de 1,5%.

Veja nosso artigo de ajuda para mais detalhes.