See how easily your supporters will raise funds for you

Peer-to-Peer empowers your supporters to raise donations for you by mobilizing them to start their own incredibly rewarding & extremely effective fundraising campaigns.

Free to startPeer to Peer fundraising

How? Glad you asked...

Your part

You'll start a campaign—inviting supporters to create donation pages that share your mission and raise money for your cause.

Their part

Supporters will create fun, personalized donation pages—sharing them with friends, family, and co-workers.

Our part

Donorbox will not only supply you with free webpage hosting, we'll help guide your campaigns to success with onboarding emails, actionable courses, and ready-to-use templates.

The overworked nonprofit's way to more revenue

Do you feel stretched too thin on fundraising resources?

Peer-to-Peer gives you the power to outsource a significant amount of your annual revenue.
With a little work getting started, and helpful guidance from us, you'll be able to turn your supporters into fundraisers.

Expand your network of donors

Relying on the people you can reach alone means missing out on donations.

Peer-to-Peer gives you a way to reach people you would otherwise miss by casting a wider net to your supporters' friends, family, and coworkers.

Expand your network of donors

Let your supporters vouch for you

Convincing donors to trust you with their money is a serious fundraising challenge.

Peer-to-Peer saves your organization from having to persuade each and every donor by letting your supporters vouch for you.

Let your supporters vouch for you

Create a rewarding experience for all

Engaging today's donors means making sure they feel a personal connection to your mission.

Peer-to-Peer lets supporters personalize their campaigns by adding photos, stories, goal-meters, and best of all sharing why your cause matters to them.

Create a rewarding experience for all

Uniting supporters to amplify impact

Watch how Maya’s Hope uses Peer-to-Peer to fuel their mission.

Frustration-free pricing

  • No set-up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No contracts

Donorbox Platform Fee

Main campaign
Supporters' campaigns

Payment Processor Fee* (registered nonprofits in U.S. & Canada**)

2.2% + 30¢Credit card processing fee
Via bank transfer
0.8% ($5 maximum)ACH bank transfer fee
PayPal / Venmo
1.99% + 49¢Payment processing fee

*Payment processing fees are charged by third parties to deliver funds from donation forms to your bank account. Learn more

**Registered organizations receive a discount on payment processing fees by using Stripe and/or PayPal. Connect one, or connect both to offer donors increased payment options.

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