Boston Music Maker COVID-19 Fund






A fund to provide financial relief to music makers in the Boston area affected by lost revenue from gig cancellations resulting from public health concerns related to coronavirus. Small grants of up to $200 will be made rapidly to applicants who demonstrate:

a) lost revenue from shows, festivals, and events canceled due to coronavirus/COVID-19

b) residency in Greater Boston as defined by The Boston Foundation's catchment area.

The Record Co. is administering the fund "on the house" and covering credit card fees so that 100% of contributions go directly to affected music makers and groups.

For more information please visit the fund's page on our website:

Update Friday 6/26:

Applications to the Boston Music Maker COVID-19 Fund are now closed. Thank you to the 1,214 music makers who reached out and asked for support. We’re grateful to share we’ve been able to fund 732 applications so far and we’ll be leaving donations open indefinitely with a goal to fund every eligible remaining request.

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      The Record Co. is a federally exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our FEIN is 27-123-8513 and no goods or services will be provided in exchange for your gift.

      Donor Wall113

      Andrew Marshall | $15

      Last few donations from the Livestream!

      Catherine Morris

      Andrew | $1,000

      From Andrew Marshall's Livestream to Benefit the Boston Music Maker Relief Fund!

      Joshua Cornell | $10.70

      Walter Quigley | $104.15

      100 dollarydoos from the El Satanico Film and Television Group

      Hugh Wyman | $52.23

      B L A R G


      Stevie Subrizi | $7.93

      Colin Principe | $200

      Get in some extra practice time and stay strong! Hope to see you out there soon.

      Dean Stevens | $26.27

      Artists, Musicians, Actors, We're here for you!


      Tim | $52.23

      Viruses suck. Music rules.

      Anonymous | $52.23

      Nick Canovas | $21.08

      Melanie Auclair | $500

      Alex McCue

      Beth Murphy | $500

      Please consider helping the musicians in the Plymouth area. Many musicians had gigs scheduled in celebration of the Town’s 400th anniversary.

      Max Blum-Campo

      ALICIA GARZA | $100


      Alice | $100

      Thank you for setting up this fund! You ROCK!

      Dylan Foley | $409.34

      On behalf of all who donated to my St Patrick's Day live stream. THANK YOU DONORS! Wylie Earnhart, Danielle Schreppel, Alana 'ehawk' Rivera, Kat Sistare, Fabien Tepper, Jason Victor Rosenman, Vessela Stoyanova, Devon Donohue-Bergeler, Dori Michelle, Joshua Eddy, Nathaniel Hefferman, Melissa Copson, Julia Jerome, Helly O'Haint, Stephanie Reid, David Brancazio, Mike Antares, Caity Johnstone, Hannah O'Connor, Michael David Gore, Mary Earnhart, Bryce and Cathy Honeywell, Timothy Bilodeau, Trent Ramsay, Melinda Dvorak, Anne Linders, Brooke Wright, Meredith Ewen

      Brian Eck | $52.23

      Nathaniel Atnafu | $104.15

      Patrick O'Connell | $104.15

      Gentle Temper

      Gentle Temper

      We spent 7 years each in Boston and now live in Maine. It's not as large as some donors but we hope it helps to make an impact!

      Laura Chen | $208

      Den Poitras | $21.08

      Several of my gigs got canceled but I want to chip in anyway.

      Laurie | $100

      So glad to help our wonderful gigging community