Boise DSA Mutual Aid - Smoke Masks (Summer 2019)






Boise DSA Mutual Aid - Smoke Masks Summer 2019

Forest fire season is upon us. Boise DSA will be purchasing smoke masks for those in our community that need help mitigating the harmful effects caused by smoke that will inevitably settle in the valley.

"Increased global temperatures are linked to larger wildfires. Higher temperatures put more stress on the health of the forests, and early snow melt leads to drier fuels. In 2015 Idaho’s fire season had an average number of fires, but the number of acres burned 594% of the 20-year average. There are a number of contributing factors that lead to anomalous fire seasons, but firefighters throughout much of the western United States each year are having increasingly frequent anomalous fire seasons. Increased fire seasons due to climate change are disrupting forest health and environmental ecosystems, and putting human lives and structures in danger directly and indirectly. Each summer Boise’s air quality is directly effected by the fires, sometimes to dangerous levels for infants, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing lung conditions. Idaho Health and Welfare has collected useful resources for dealing with the harms caused by wildfire smoke (Linked Here). Boise DSA is asking for donations to be able to provide N95 respirators, recognized by the Center for Disease Control to those in need." 


     -Comrade Elton (Boise DSA Member)

CDC Respirator Fact Sheet 

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