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Let's add blocking history and app ranking list to Blokada

We did great with the previous campaign, and the toggle widget will come very soon. Thanks!

With around 500 votes, the blocking history list and application ranking is another most often requested feature. It's going to give us the possibility to easily see which domains and apps are responsible for most ads and tracking. All donations made for this campaign will go towards implementing it. Detailed description and development progress can be found on GitHub:

My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. I've dedicated over a year of my time to bring it to the state and quality it is today. I believe we should not have to endure endless tracking and invigilation of the big corporations. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate so we can continue fighting this fight together.

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Sehr gute App...weiter so!

Nenad Orozović

Keep up with good work. Greetings from Serbia.

Lilian | 2 €

Keep up the good work

Mark Burton

Brilliant App thanks so much

Michal | 2 €


Keep up the good work!


Muhammad Syawal

Thanks for making this application. Time to retake our privacy back from those corporation.

chris | 2 €

Keep up te good work

Dennis | 2 €

An absolutely worthy donation. It ain't much, because I'm a student and strapped for cash, but I want to be a part of this worthy cause.

Kyle | 2 €

Thank you, your app kicks butt!

Brian | 2 €

Great work, one of the best apps and even better that it FOSS

Pierre | 2 €

Kevin Liu | 2 €

absolutely worth donating

Botelho | 5 €

Pontus | 2 €

Love your work, best rootless adblocker

Joe Gomes | 2 €

Awesome app, keep up the great work.

Your Nobody | 20 €

Sándor | 5 €

Detlef | 5 €

Sandro | 3,88 €

Thanks for the great work!

Michal Rzadkowski | 2 €

Działa więc wspieram :)


You are my best friend now

Leon | 10 €

Guillaume | 5 €

Thanks for working on Blokada. This is a great app. I'm a student, so I can't help much :)