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Let's make Blokada support OpenVPN!

We did great with the previous campaign, and the blocking history / application ranking will come very soon. Thanks!

VPN support has been by far the most requested feature. After evaluating possible options, I believe that implementing an OpenVPN support is the best way forward. It is a lot of work, but making Blokada an OpenVPN client will let you choose which VPN provider you want to use. This way you can have the lightweight Blokada ad blocking and use your favourite VPN service at the same time! Details here.

My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. I've dedicated over a year of my time to bring it to the state and quality it is today. I believe we should not have to endure endless tracking and invigilation of the big corporations. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate so we can continue fighting this fight together.

Donor Wall (93)

bushtuckerman | 5 €

I agree with Dorian Garcia "Wish to see complete blocking such as web browser add on". I would also support it. Also tried other apps but nothing even comes close to how thorough yours is. Keep up the good work!!

Dor Tzur | 20 €

Brian | 2 €/M

borhub | 10 €

Ricky | 20 €

Been using Blokada for at least a year; & am very pleased with its ease-of-use & dev's diligence in killing bugs & improving performance. Hope this donation helps to keep Blokada alive; although new features are welcomed, just keep Blokada in active development, please.


Carlos Velazquez | 5 €

Keep up the good work!

Paul | 40 €

Carlos Jorge | 20 €

Just keep up the great job you are doing : )

Dorian Garcia | 2 €

Wish to see complete blocking such as web browser add on "ublock!! " Will support this app and it's benefits as a regular user

Nick | 10 €

Great job! Keep up the awesome work!

Fco. Javier | 5 €

Miguel Tremblay | 5 €

Georgios Tsipianitis | 2 €

Keep up the good work

japolinux | 2 €

Valerio | 3 €

Eberhard | 2 €

Frank | 1 €

Ronen | 15 €

Thank you! Would love to have OpenVPN support.

Daniel Boisfer | 5 €

Masamichi Morishita | 5 €

Detlef Kammler | 5 €

Robert Thomas


Julien Da Silva | 10 €

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous faites, je suis un utilisateur conquis par Blokada ! Je vous souhaite bonne continuation et bon courage pour la suite :)

snee | 5 €

Great app, no problem with giving my support - keep up the great work

Jurgen Wuyts | 10 €

rob starkey | 5 €

Martin Deisz | 2 €

Wi Bu | 5 €

René | 5 €