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Let's make Blokada support OpenVPN!

We did great with the previous campaign, and the blocking history / application ranking will come very soon. Thanks!

VPN support has been by far the most requested feature. After evaluating possible options, I believe that implementing an OpenVPN support is the best way forward. It is a lot of work, but making Blokada an OpenVPN client will let you choose which VPN provider you want to use. This way you can have the lightweight Blokada ad blocking and use your favourite VPN service at the same time! Details here.

My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. I've dedicated over a year of my time to bring it to the state and quality it is today. I believe we should not have to endure endless tracking and invigilation of the big corporations. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate so we can continue fighting this fight together.

Donor Wall (139)

Jurgen | 10 €

Alan | 5 €

Andrea Musci | 5 €

Thank you for your efforts

Daniel | 5 €

Thanks for your dedication.

Patrica | 5 €

lorik sopi

Omer Salaj




Thanks for all / é nois carai 🎱

Vish | 2 €

Keep up the good work. Not donating much but atleast helps for a cup of coffee

Sebastian | 10 €

Keep up The good work please

Tiziano Gagliano | 2 €

App indispensabile grazie per il lavoro

John | 2 €

Nice job. Please keep the amazing work going.

Lood | 2 €

Use is for a year now.. Several phones from my family uses it. Even company phones is blokada added 😁. Works battery drain or such... Keep on the good work guys

Xoa Gray | 5 €

I was initially a little bit leery of this because it's not available on official app stores, but after a friend assured me did it was on the level I gave it a shot. So glad I did.

Tim | 10 €

Keep up the good work - would love to see integration with openvpn!


I appreciate y'all.

Drive GK

Weiter so !!!!!!

Wermy | 10 €

Thanks for the work you do!

Petr Nehez | 10 €

Stan | 2 €

František | 2 €


I am extremely sorry for such a small amount, I hope you won't be angry :)


Jerzy | 10 €

I love it, great you made it (without root)! For enforcing parental control I would love to have a pin number to block settings - can you consider it?

John | 3 €

If you're looking for in-app ad blocking, THIS is it. Tried several others with the same claim that failed. Blokada is on par with apps such as LastPass and CyberGhost VPN. Just the BEST, thanks to the development and support team around the world. You all ROCK! Happy New Year, and be safe :)

Paul | 10 €

Your app makes using Android and other apps usable. I can get behind seeing & even hearing some ads, but so many developers push so many ads at you that once you install & actually use their product, you can no longer use your device for anything except being exposed to excessive & often fraudulent scam advertising. Hope you keep a decent version of your product online for free, though I'd willingly pay a single small monthly fee of perhaps $5/month if that would allow me to install your software on multiple devices. Perhaps you could charge in relation to total monthly data usage. Thanks!

Angst | 2 €

It would be great if we could look at all the hosts that were blocked and whitelist them selectively. And please add REGEX based pattern matching in whitelisting and blacklisting. For e.g. Block/Allow everything from *

Alexandre Rousseau | 2 €

Bill | 100 €

Can you blacklist an app from internet? Not a site, not a list, but an app? Also looking at the log would be good. Basically NoRoot firewall does both of these, but it's closed source and the devo has ghosted.