Blokada ad blocker & privacy app

Hi! My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. Together with a group of amazing people we have dedicated few years of our lives to bring the app to the state and quality it is today. We believe you should not have to endure the endless tracking and invigilation. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate, so we can continue providing you the means to protect your privacy.

We are based in Europe, so we accept Euro: €10 is roughly $12.

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Donor Wall142

Anonymous | 5 €

MALLEK | 5 €

Blokada plus pihole = ad free everywhere. Nice app and you made it easy to understand for non linux users

Thomas | 20 €

Grossartiges Tool, ich liebe es!


Leider wird die Werbung von Tik Tok nicht unterdrückt

Ulrich | 15 €

Thanks a lot! This app makes the internet usable again!

Kevin Einbrodt | 15 €

Thanks for this great app, saves me from alot ad's. 😃

Ian | 10 €

Thank you for a great consumer focused privacy app. I'm sorry I can't afford to subscribe but I hope my small donation helps.

Petra | 20 €

Herzlichen Dank, Blokada bleibt mein treuer Begleiter.

Igor Baum | 50 €

Danke für den besten Adbloger der Welt, macht weiter so.

Anonymous | 10 €

Anonym | 10 €

Tellement efficace qu'on l'oublie totalement...une fois je me suis déconnecté pour me rendre compte : j'en revenais pas du nombre de pubs dans les apps que j'utilise tous les jours !! Merci blokada ..continuez comme ça !


Oso ona. Eskerrik asko

Pratham | 5 €

Had completely forgotten about this app! Just keeps doing its job silently. Thanks devs. Visited relative, used their phone for 2 mins and found those ads!

Lionel | 20 €

C'est un plaisir quotidien d'utiliser votre application, merci... / It's a daily pleasure to use your app, thanks...

Sebastian Gallehr | 10 €

Hugues | 5 €

Vraiment merci pour cette application qui m’as permis de profiter pleinement de mon smartphone Androïd. Plus de pistage ni de pubs. Je préfère choisir à qui je dois donner mon argent plutôt qu’être le produit d’une grande firme. Merci encore.

Marcus | 10 €

Ich habe schon Geld für weniger nützliche Apps ausgegeben. Vielen Dank für die App und sie dahinter stehende Arbeit.

Peter | 10 €

Adrian Kunz | 20 €

Ronny | 5 €

Blokada has helped me block unskippable ads in games and in youtube. This adfree experience is how the internet should be

Gert S | 10 €

Keep up the good work. 500k blocks in 2 years, just unbelievable.


Excellent application. Thank you very much for bringing privacy features to overcome modern massive data collection and ads.

J. W. Dijkema | 10 €

Dirk Ja | 10 €

Amir Ramli | 10 €

Anonymous | 10 €

thank you

Mathias | 10 €

die wichtigste App für mehr Datenschutz

Willi | 10 €

I can't imagine using my device without this ad eating great app. Please keep up the good work.

Wolfgang | 20 €

Ich danke euch allen sehr! Einmal für euer Engagement und zweitens, dass ihr uns teilhaben lasst. Schöne Weihnachten euch allen. Grüße aus Sachsen.

Katharina | 10 €

Danke für das super Tool!