Blokada ad blocker & privacy app

Hi! My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. Together with a group of amazing people we have dedicated few years of our lives to bring the app to the state and quality it is today. We believe you should not have to endure the endless tracking and invigilation. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate, so we can continue providing you the means to protect your privacy.

We are based in Europe, so we accept Euro: €10 is roughly $12.

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I am from Malaysia, I'm not very rich and rarely paid for app.. however blockada dev deserve it, they make cool apps .. sorry for the amount I give, this all I have.. 🕊️

John | 5 €


As promised, tha

Jm Yip | 5 €

i enjoy using blokada on all my Android devices. fantastic app in removing ads. thanks for the great work and keep it up :)

Amr | 1 €

Rado | 20 €

Thank you. Keep up good work




Excellent application, thank you very much for your work

David | 10 €

Fantastic app that every smartphone user should be using. Keep up the great work and consider this donation as a big thank you to Karol and the team!

Peter | 22,70 €

Thanks for this app. Blokada makes apps much less intrusive. (And I donated €22.70 to equal $20 USD)

Lisette | 20 €

Splendid achievements.. Keep on 👍

Elias | 5 €

Great work in making pervasive mobile advertising a thing of the past.

Anonymous | 20 €

Great work. Wouldnt want to live without


Thanks for the best ad-blocker on Android. And thanks for keeping it free and privacy-oriented.

Anonymous | 10 €

Content is a lawless zone It is very helpful that both users can control the display. thank you.



Alex | 25 €

Continue the good work!


Thank you so much for providing us with such an amazing app. I wish I could donate more but I'm piss poor for the moment :(

Anonymous | 5 €

Thanks for all the work in making this app. It is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous | 5 €/M

I hope that I have less issues with this app. It stopped working again and again

Philippe | 20 €

Keep on ! Fantastic work !

Anonymous | 10 €

Fine work... Go on, we not need a "1984"🙄

Moss | 10 €

Thank you all for the splendid work

Wolfgang Kaufmann | 5 €

Anonymous | 10 €

There should be not a single android smartphone without blockada! Google and friends track far too much. None of their business!

Joshua | 5 €

Anupam | 10 €

Thank you for this great app! Will certainly be making more donations occasionally!

Kevin | 6,50 €

Thank you for this app. It's the best.

Anonymous | 5 €

Dziękuję za świetną robotę. To tak jakbym miał pihole zawsze ze sobą w telefonie.