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Let's make Blokada support OpenVPN!

We did great with the previous campaign, and the blocking history / application ranking will come very soon. Thanks!

VPN support has been by far the most requested feature. After evaluating possible options, I believe that implementing an OpenVPN support is the best way forward. It is a lot of work, but making Blokada an OpenVPN client will let you choose which VPN provider you want to use. This way you can have the lightweight Blokada ad blocking and use your favourite VPN service at the same time! Details here.

My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. I've dedicated over a year of my time to bring it to the state and quality it is today. I believe we should not have to endure endless tracking and invigilation of the big corporations. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate so we can continue fighting this fight together.


Mark | 5 €

I like to make a one-time donation of $5.00


Hello guys i'm a developer myself, but when i see something good like this and can't be part of it due to lack of time I've always like to support. Thanks keep rocking!


Keep dazzling

Pascal Lévi | 5 €

Long live Blokada. Keep up the great work!

Mo | 5 €

Doing a great job, can't wait to see what new things come to this already great application

Alessandro | 10 €


Nathan | 2 €

Great work. Keep it up.

Kieran | 2 €

Great app, happy to support it.

Michael | 8,60 €

Really looking forward to the vpn service, some features to implement would be no logging, unrestricted internet and bandwidth, TOR integration for double encryption/encapsulation, and high speed servers in countries that will stand up for privacy (certain Nordic countries come to mind). That last one may come with time and further donations, but it would definitely make it a top level service even if you didn't offer phone support.

Kyle | 1,30 €

Nathan Elko | 5 €

Keep up the great work, can't wait to see the OpenVPN support!

panagiotis zotas | 1 €

Francisco | 2 €

Gracias por tan buena app de seguridad.

Juventino | 10 €