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Let's make Blokada support OpenVPN!

We did great with the previous campaign, and the blocking history / application ranking will come very soon. Thanks!

VPN support has been by far the most requested feature. After evaluating possible options, I believe that implementing an OpenVPN support is the best way forward. It is a lot of work, but making Blokada an OpenVPN client will let you choose which VPN provider you want to use. This way you can have the lightweight Blokada ad blocking and use your favourite VPN service at the same time! Details here.

My name is Karol, I'm the original developer of Blokada. I've dedicated over a year of my time to bring it to the state and quality it is today. I believe we should not have to endure endless tracking and invigilation of the big corporations. If you think alike, I encourage you to donate so we can continue fighting this fight together.

Donor Wall (155)

Klaus JM | 20 €

Great app, hope that we'll see a lot of further development!

Giovanni Battaglia | 5 €

Ottima applicazione, Bravi..

Christoph | 5 €

Good Work!

Mahony Erol | 2 €

Geniess den Kaffee, und lass dich bitte nicht von der WerbungsMafia kaufen.

Marco | 5 €

Super! Weiter so! 👍😊


Benjamin Meintrup | 5 €

Super App! Vielen Dank!

MvG | 10 €

Endlich ein Gegenmittel für meine Werbung-Intoleranz :-))

Alexander | 2 €

Vielen Dank an die Devs! Endlich eine funktionierende und performante Lösung dank der ich kein root mehr benötige 😊

Rudolf | 20 €

Excellent program - thank you

Werner | 10 €



Elaine Marley | 5 €


Great idea

Carlos | 2 €

Jürgen Holzwarth

Ad | 10 €

Great app!

Michael | 10 €

Dzięki! Great app!

Thorsten | 15 €

Empfehlung von c't heiße. de

Bernhard | 22 €

Empfehlung von


Danke für die App! Beworben auf

Localguru | 10 €


Bernd Gras | 25 €

Sehr guter Artikel zu Tracking und Blokada in c't 7/19.


Spitzen Software! Herzlichen Dank aus der Steiermark :)

Sven-Arne | 10 €

C. | 20 €

Hans-Dieter | 2 €/M

Fran | 20 €

Jan | 10 €

Thank you for building this great app. Keep the spies out.

Abdul Melau | 2 €