Benzodiazepine Information Coalition

We were formed to change the lack of knowledge in the public and the medical system.  But we cannot do it alone.

Help us to:

  • Gain recognition of the existence and severity of prescribed benzodiazepine injury

  • Hold and participate in events to educate prescribers and the public

  • Push for policies that protect patients on benzodiazepines, whether they choose to remain on or taper off

  • Protect those presented with benzodiazepines as a treatment option by giving them true informed consent

  • Create more media awareness about this silent epidemic

  • Advocate for more prescriber training in safe prescribing and cessation

  • Show the need to fund research that helps the harmed

Your contribution helps change the prevailing narrative and saves lives.

You can also help by:

Checks should be mailed to:

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition

1042 Fort Union Blvd. PMB 1030

Midvale, Utah 84047


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We are a tax-deductible 501(c)(3). No goods or services were provided by the organization in return for any contributions.

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Bradford Solomon | $10

Please don't take sleep apnea lightly especially with alcohol and benzos. It likely just killed my brother. RIP Sean


On behalf of all Japanese benzo-injured people. Sorry for small amount..

Seas The Day Concierge | $10/M


To honor the occasion of my being seven years off Klonopin, Renée A. Schuls Jacobson of RASJACOBSON ART is donating $100 to BIC. So glad this organization is around now to help people going through this most difficult experience. Thanks to everyone who made purchases during the month of August.

Anonymous | $5

Jacob | $20


First...THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'RE DOING WITH THIS COALITION! AMAZING!! I'm a 49 year old single female who was prescribed Klonopin TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. Half of my adult life has been stolen from me due to the side effects of this EVIL drug. I won't go into my entire story here and now because it would morph into a novel. I'll save it for the forums. But I DESPERATELY WANT TO PUT MYSELF OUT THERE AND EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, AND CREATE AWARENESS about all benzos and the extreme harm they can cause. I'm not fearful of using my full name. I'm not fearful of showing my face to "WHOM IT MAY CONCERN." In fact...I WANT everyone to see me and hear me and my story. Again... thank God for what you're doing here. I feel like I've found a home! Sincerely, April Dawn Means

Jackie Gerspach | $20/M


Thank you! <3


This website saved my life. And I am fighting like hell through my benzo injury, which I believe caused the rare neurological disorder I have, CSF Leakage. I am advocating like hell for others, giving doctors copies of the Ashton Manual, sharing information and sharing my journey publicly through Facebook and my Gofundme. Thank you so much.

Steven Wright

To the wonderful team at BIC - THANK YOU for what you are doing. And to the survivors who kept courage when so many of us were not listening - my heartfelt apologies. Now is the time to change all that.

neil danaher | $20

Saved me from going to detox, and found me my doctor who is slow-tapering me now. Thank you!

Robin Elliott


This is to be part of Ole's Birthday Fundraiser. I didn't want to pay on FaceBook.


I'm very grateful to BIC for getting the Benzo crises out to the public. I am tapering off Benzos presently. A very difficult road to travel. Thank you.

Dr. Zel Dolinsky | $10

Michele | $20

Renee Schuls-Jacobson | $100

This donation is based on a percentage of money earned from my website during the entire month of July because -- obviously -- benzodiazepine awareness needs to be longer than just a day.

Panpi Daguerre | $5


Leticia | $50

Lisa Aldhizer

LOUISE | $50


C Kenneth | $50

Anonymous | $75

I am signed up for your newsletters and took your survey. I would love to receive updates on how that survey is helping. Disheartened there's a need for your site, but so very grateful that it does exist. I am myself, a benzo w/d patient, having taken ativan prescribed for pain management during chemotherapy 17 years ago, never given any warnings. This is worse than the cancer treatments. Between you (education) and Benzobuddies (emotional support); you've each been saviors during this awful time. Much more light needs to be shone on this epidemic, addressing society/public awareness & education. Following the premature death by suicide of singer Chris Cornell (RIP), it was further distressing that no further light was immediately shone on this, esp. since his wife blamed Ativan. Sadly, this man had beaten alcohol and opioid addictions and made a new life for himself w/a young family. He was the face of redemption for many people of a certain generation. Drug addition is frowned upon by society and currently, there's no distinction between that and rx tolerance and w/d. This isn't a case of people abusing rx meds, but of taking them, As Prescribed. New faces need to be put on this by the media & Hollywood - of persons of every age. At this point, for myself, I have no idea, when or if I will have a return to life. I know that life will not be as before. There will be a new normal-hopefully, and I must believe it will be better than this. Thank you Benzodiazepene Information Coalition.

Jacquline Freitag | $3