Ma'aminim - Believers

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Small acts of kindness compound at rates you can only believe in.

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        Welcome! You found the landing page for the platform to onboard our new initiative: Ma'aminim - Believers. 

        No, this isn't a platform for a train - this platform isn't just another donation landing page either (we have one of those here). This platform is designed for a particular kind of soul, looking to ANIMATE the Jewish future. This platform was built to enhance the experience and connection of some of the humans who want to have more of an impact in the lives of Jewish college students but aren't exactly sure how they can in way that really moves them, yet.

        Your host for today is me, Rabbi Isser - I appreciate that you're here, because not everybody believes, yet.

        This platform is for souls who believe that donating to non profits brings good to the world.

        This platform is for humans who believe that they benefit far more than they contribute when they donate.

        This platform is for souls who believe that every little bit counts.

        This platform is for humans who believe that little changes in the short run make significant impacts in the long run.

        This platform is for souls who believe that Chabad at Pierce is a worthwhile cause.

        This platform is for humans who believe that my wife Mushka, and I are trustworthy to utilize the communal funds to cover the overhead and programs of Chabad at Pierce

        This platform is for souls who believe that over the next little while we can achieve our goal of having an automated monthly supply of funding that will cover our annual budget

        This platform is for humans who believe that even if I don't know where next months mortgage is coming from I will still make time and availability to animate the souls of students at Pierce College with Jewish light.

        This platform is for souls who believe that once we achieve our goal of sustainable income, we will continue to  expand by bringing in even MORE partners - whether they are student, rabinical, faculty or animating - until we have reached every last student.

        This platform is for humans who believe that the students who benefit from Chabad at Pierce will some day plant seeds of their own in fields that don't even exist yet.

        This platform is for souls who believe that the best days are yet to come and that it is up to us to make them real through the generosity of human spirit.

        This platform is for Ma'aminim - Believers

        If you do believe, as I do, please join this program and make a periodical contribution which is enough for you to feel excited about, but not that much that you will feel anxious.

        If you don't believe,
         I believe that too. I trust that Hashem will help you and I through life's seeming ups and downs, so neither of us will need to rely on miracles. Regardless of contribution, the resources I have are for sharing with all who seek, you included!

        Rabbi Isser Kluwgant

        Co-Founder of Rohr Chabad at Pierce

        E: [email protected]

        W: 1 (323) 539 - 4741

        PS - You might be wondering why I use the word animate. instead of donate, contribute, support etc. as most other Rabbis and organizations do. It's because I am not like many other Rabbis and as such Chabad at Pierce is not like many other organizations. They say that the classic mission of any hotel is to get "Butts in beds". Many non profit organizations and communities follow suit believing in "being the center of Jewish life" "To be the place to be" "To get the largest turnouts" "To raise the most money". If you ask them (and I know this because I used to be one of them) are you successful, they will share with you their "event attendance reports", "number individuals reached", "% budget increase", "student survey results". I know this because I used to believe that was my purpose. It took me a long time to break through that perspective. With 5 years of experience in the Pierce College trenches, guidance, coaching, reading and experimenting - I've learned that the REAL impact of this work, the place where all the money, time and effort goes, the end result of all the programs and conversations, classes and trips - is into animating these students with Jewish enthusiasm such that they will naturally go and animate another individual. And this is very subjective. Very individualistic. Something that only is observed long term and near impossible to measure. But as you will see in our monthly updates, it's happening - time and time again. Some people take a while, some people take longer - but everyone will eventually be animated.

        We are a 501(c)3 charity, all donations are tax deductible, we will provide receipts upon transaction as well as in January of each year. Our EIN is 47 - 4960401