Bedrooms Are For People Democracy Defense Fund






A Citizen-Led Ballot Initiative in Boulder, CO

Please Support Our Grassroots Ballot Campaign in Boulder, CO

Bedrooms Are For People is a volunteer ballot initiative campaign to reform the Boulder government’s discriminatory home occupancy limits by allowing one person to live in each bedroom of a home (plus one additional person), regardless of whether or not those people are related to each other.

The City Council is trying to prevent us from being on the ballot because our elected officials don’t want to change Boulder’s exclusionary housing policies. After our volunteers collected close to 8,000 signatures in a pandemic, the City Council voted to change the election rules in order to prevent Bedrooms Are For People from being on the ballot. We now have to take the City to court to protect our right to the ballot and your right to vote. We need your financial support for a chance to win against those that are opposed to progress and want to suppress your right to vote. 

Thank you so much for contributing what you can. Your generosity will fuel this campaign and will make our community a more welcoming, equitable, and affordable place to call home. 

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for investing in this critical community initiative. 

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      Donor Wall6

      Gabriel | $5.50

      James Harrington | $5.50/M

      James Kinnet | $52.23

      Fight this bs

      Shiva Darian

      I walk around Boulder and see so many lawn signs standing against racism and oppression. I truly hope to see Boulder practice what it preaches and be a place of equity and fairness.

      Charlie Hoffman | $52.23

      I would like to help communicate the value of this of this initiative to my neighbors and friends

      Stan | $104.15

      From the Nguyen family, Stan and his mom Lin, because Boulder welcomed us and gave us a home 25 years ago. We want to make sure families like ours can still afford to come to the city and make Boulder their home just like we did.

      Charlie Hoffman

      David Adamson | $5.50

      Dave | $10.70

      Dana | $208

      Amanda | $25

      Brandon | $104.15

      I lived in a basement illegally for several years in Boulder because of stupid misguided policies like this one. Go get em.

      Rebecca | $204.71

      We desperately need fair housing and fair voting processes in Boulder. I'm grateful to everyone supporting this effort.

      Patrick Murphy | $104.15

      Krista Nordback's song to City Council is worth a million. This is all I can afford. Bedrooms are for people.

      Kelly Brichta | $104.15

      Thank you all for your work on this campaign!

      Erin | $104.15

      When I lived in Denver I lived with 3 other people, all of us unrelated. Also we had the best yard out of the block of renters, we just want a place to live.

      Jessica Scott | $21.08

      Go get ‘em


      Thank you for your tireless efforts to help give everyone in our community equal access to housing options!

      Aisling Pigott | $26.27

      In honor of that guy who told me he'd rather not live next to students even if they weren't "technically" breaking any laws, <3 sko buffs!

      Neal | $519.52

      This is the value of one month’s rent when I lived in a 4-bedroom house in Boulder while attending graduate school at CU with 3 (gasp!) other unrelated people. One of my former roommates is a teacher at a BVSD high school, and one of the others is a podiatrist in Oregon. We lived illegally because we couldn’t afford to do otherwise. 21+ years after graduation I’m still paying down student loans. All of the systems of economic tyranny such as Boulder’s housing rules need to be overturned to allow for a just, inclusive & more diverse and welcoming community.

      Jason Hornyak | $26.27

      burn it down.

      David | $104.15

      You guys have worked so hard on this, I'm glad the fight continues!

      Christina Gosnell | $104.15

      kick some ass y'all! i weirdly wish i was with you for this fight <3

      Alexis Lockwood | $420.69

      Kick their asses, comrades.

      Thomas | $1,000

      Donor matching contribution. I'm funding both sides of this legal battle, apparently. Ya'll keep fighting for what's right!

      James Kinnet | $52.23

      Heather | $104.15

      Ryan Welsh | $208

      Thank you to all the hard working folk on the BAFP team! The council majority's actions towards this ballot initiative/campaign have been completely unethical if not criminal. Beyond getting on the ballot, I hope this gets passed in November and serves as a stepping stone for bigger changes.

      Niniane | $52.23

      Good luck! Thanks for working to make Boulder more inclusive. I don't yet live in Boulder but hope to someday, after it becomes a more diverse town.

      Angie Naillon | $1,038.73

      BAFP's fight for direct democracy on behalf of Boulder citizens is both crucial and commendable. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers working to eliminate this discriminatory policy in our city.