Becoming A Guardian of the Light

Join Meghan with this 100-minute video to explore sacred myth and guardianship.

Every one of us is called to become a Guardian of the Light here on Earth; to protect, nurture, and become that very light for the advancement of humanity. This is how human evolution happens and how the continued survival of our planet is assured. We are all needed as these Guardians and Protectors as every aspect of life is currently birthing into a new dimensional reality.

There is a mythic story that speaks of a Woman who carries the energy of both the Moon and the Sun, giving birth to the light of humanity through the joining of these rays. She is crying aloud with the pangs of childbirth and a great beast is there waiting to devour this human light that is being birthed. The Woman though is given a pair of eagle’s wings to carry her to safety. 

In this program, we will explore this mythic story and how it applies to our personal and collective journey.  What light is seeking to be born through you at this time? What are you being asked to guard and protect? What in your life is seeking to devour that light? Distraction? Doubt? Fear? Fatigue? We all have a place of Light that needs tending, nurturing, and maybe even igniting. And we all have a spiritual responsibility to birth and protect the Light that we have been gifted and born into. In these times we are simultaneously being birthed and giving birth.

Everyone will have a different Guardianship. Come and discover yours at this vital time and how you can contribute to your own and our world's evolution.

Meditations ~ Prayers ~ Sacred Feminine Chant ~ Deep Inquiry 

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