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Be COOL - Help Cap a Well for Diane's Birthday

Dear Friends,


Hi! I just turned 70 (believe it or not!). As the big day (May 29) was approaching, I asked myself three questions:


1) What’s the best way to celebrate turning 70 years old? 

2) What’s the best way to stop climate change? (Because, well, you know me…)

And, 3) is there any way any of us can offset our personal impact on climate change—called our carbon footprint—to actually make a difference?


I was thrilled when I figured out that the answer to those three questions is the same this year. And that is:


Cap a leaking methane well!


Yep. It’s all about methane, a nasty greenhouse gas that’s 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to causing climate change. 


Methane is leaking out of more than 2 million abandoned gas wells in almost every state in the U.S. That sounds bad. And it is. But what made me feel good was this: Capping a well (which is done by filling it with cement and literally putting a cap on top of it) stops the methane leaking out of it…immediately. It’s the carbon equivalent of taking hundreds, to over one thousand, vehicles off the road (on average) for each well capped.

Capping a methane well is also one of the best ways I’ve ever found to offset one’s own carbon footprint. Many offset programs don’t actually make much difference. This one does—in spades.


Here’s what else makes capping a leaking well so exciting. We don’t need to wait to develop new technology. We know exactly how to do it. 


Now, you all know I’m not an engineer. I’m an activist and an author who has spent most of my adult life trying to protect Nature and stop climate change.


That’s why I was thrilled when I heard about the Well Done Foundation. Because what Well Done does is cap leaking methane wells!


I suddenly had one of those Eureka! moments. I could make my 70th birthday all about me (boo…). Or I could make it about all of us and our planet and doing something that can actually help stop climate change (YAY!).

I called Curtis Shuck, the brains behind the Well Done Foundation and asked him what it would take for me to cap a well for my birthday. He loved the idea and said it was totally doable because that’s exactly what Well Done does.


“All” it would take is…$30,000 (boo, again). That’s what it costs to pay for the equipment needed to survey a well site, fill it with cement, put an actual cap on it, and start to restore the land around it.


“Can you raise the money?” he asked. And I thought..well, if my friends and family join me, absolutely.


So that’s why I’m writing: to ask you to celebrate my birthday, help stop climate change and support my COOL Campaign to cap a well.


Lest you think this is all about me, let me say: It’s not! When you pitch in to help cap a well, you’ll also be helping to offset your own carbon footprint. That’s because every dollar you donate helps compensate for every ton of carbon you personally put into the atmosphere (which you do. On average, each of us adds 20 tons of carbon to the atmosphere. Every. Single. Year.)


So, please: Help me celebrate the big 7-0! Do something meaningful to stop climate change. And offset your own carbon footprint. Well Done has created a special fundraising option just for us to make it easy for all of us to give. 

COOL stands for:


Cap a well.

Offset your carbon.

Organize others (Please forward this far and wide. Your friends are my friends!)

Lift your spirits. (Knowing I’m contributing to something that actually makes a difference makes me feel great. I bet it will make you feel great, too.)

Here are some donation options:






 $140 per person for everyone in your household.


Or whatever you can donate to make a difference. It is all appreciated. And of course, all the donations are tax-deductible. Donate online (powered by Donorbox) or mail a check made out to The Well Done Foundation, P.O. Box 333, Shelby, MT 59474 

Learn more about the Well Done Foundation and their mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions #onewellatatime.


Thanks so much. 


Your Nature-loving Septuagenarian,

Diane MacEachern

Founder & CEO, Big Green Purse

About Diane:

Diane MacEachern is an award-winning entrepreneur and green consumer expert who has written extensively on climate change and solutions to reduce it. During her long career as an environmental policy advocate, she helped establish the 2-million acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, enact the “road-less rule” that protects almost 50 million acres of old growth “heritage” forests in North America, and keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. An early advocate of clean energy, Diane also helped create and implement one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s first initiatives to educate business leaders, insurance companies, meteorologists and the public health community about climate change. In addition, she helped develop and execute the communications strategy behind two of the largest Earth Day demonstrations in history. She founded Big Green Purse to inspire consumers to use their marketplace clout to protect themselves and the planet by shifting to the greenest products and services available.