Baker4SMTX Place 1 - 2022






I’m excited to say that I’m running for re-election in 2022 to serve as your San Marcos City Council Place One representative. I will continue to protect our community and sense of place by working for a sustainable future and an equity based budget. I will win this election because I have served this community for over 15 years, built relationships across cultural groups, and my career as a small business owner gives me the time to dedicate to meeting people to hear their concerns. San Marcos elections are decided by small margins, but I’ve demonstrated through my work on other campaigns and my previous win that I know how to get people elected. 


Election season always puts a fire in me that fuels hours of block walking, outreach, and voter registration! These are all key to a successful campaign, and I’ve got a great team to help me fill in the gaps. My experience, enthusiasm, and lead by example attitude has attracted a lot of supporters and I look forward to you joining the ranks!  


While campaigns are won by hard work, we need donations for basics like signs, t-shirts, and buttons.  I will be able to run my campaign for less than $3,000 because I understand how to leverage media, lead volunteers, strategically place signs, and have all the energy as well as time to walk our neighborhoods. My campaign will strive to spend all of our funds locally, from signs to staff lunches, to show that I am invested in San Marcos. Please show your support by donating whatever you can afford at these levels, with a maximum of $500 per person. 

Every size donation helps, but just as important is sharing information about my campaign with your friends, making sure they’re registered to vote, and mobilizing them early voting through election day; which is October 24th through November 8th!

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      Thank you, Councilman Maxfield, for working hard for the community! Together we make a difference!

      Robert Eby | $31.46

      Scott Baker | $104.15

      We need this guy❣️

      Arthur Taylor | $100

      Jamey Poole | $36.66

      robert ball | $25

      Kristen | $52.23

      Dawn Lewis

      I cant vote for you because we live up Hilliard, but I want your help running this city. Thanks for what you do.

      Valerie Welch | $104.15

      Keep up the great work Max!!