Autonomy: T&H Economic Self-Reliance Course | Survive & Thrive, Don't Take A Dive.

I'm using this fundraiser to launch a course for T&H subscribers; the purpose of the course is to teach you through a series of components how to 1. Learn anything, 2. Structure your own intellectual development and 3. How to apply that learning in a way that brings you consistent income, which you can grow and invest.

For anyone who participates, it's going to ignite your potential and reveal opportunities hidden in plain sight.

It will help you refine and clarify your outlook on life, improve your ability to learn new subjects, give you direction on where you want to focus your attention, and provide you with useful methods and principles which you can consistently rely on every day to smooth out your life and build toward your dreams in a realistic and systematic way.

I have a lot of big ideas, and over the years I've been able to develop some of the smaller ones thanks to thoughtful & generous donations from subscribers who realize the value being created and spread into the world through peaceful actions. 

This is a big idea; it's not about getting people to realize the problem (as has been the focus of most of my work over the past 12 years)... it's for you because you already realize there's a problem, and this is about presenting and integrating *the solution* to 99.9% of the problems facing personal freedom & cognitive liberty. It's about ensuring you have full access to your potential, and paving the way to ensure you can put it to work for your own prosperity.

This idea is about how to make yourself and your family comfortable in life, able to express your dreams into reality through a reliable methodology of thought coupled with action.

Here's the details...

Autonomy: The T&H Economic Self-Reliance Course | Survive & Thrive, Don't Take A Dive.

The world is changing faster than we realize.

Children are being groomed for a life of confusion by the compulsory school system; making them forever dependent on authority to direct their actions.

People are being dumbed-down by exposure to toxic media, because they can't consistently discern fact from fiction.

The reason for this deleterious trend in our culture is that it's very profitable to have people blind to reason, and thus over time, the tools of critical thinking and creative problem solving were removed first from schooling, and then from journalism. 

The effects of this are now visible, the public has no measure for truth, no criteria for factual news, and people seeing the same data are coming to completely antithetical positions on what the data means. 

They are simply unable to organize the data into useful information; this reverses thousands of years of positive human progress on how to grasp and leverage the facet of learning.

As people are being dumbed down by the school system and reduced to the attention span of goldfish (ref: attention span 6 seconds), more and more people are functioning not on careful thought and analysis, but rather stimulus and response; and what this means is personal and economic disaster for millions, unless resolved.

There is a solution, and it's simple and effective. It's also very, very powerful.

It wasn't easy to create, and it took me 15 years of study and innovation to make the solution easy to implement, maintain, and share with others. Moreover, it took me the past year to navigate the technical challenges of bringing this project to life and facilitating the multiple levels of desired interactivity.

Premise: If American education was corrupted by making people obedient via Outcome Based Education; then American education can be restored by liberating people via an Income Based Education.

There are 2 primary components, each with a specific benefit:

1. Education (Methods & Principles, not obscure irrelevant facts)

2. Practical Application through Strategic Action (ensuring your own success)

The first component, Education, gives you the ability to learn how to learn anything (metalearning) and then how to apply that toward your specific goal/interest (hyperlearning); giving you the template for how to pursue your interests and make consistent positive progress toward your goals. This portion also gives you the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and life-management (priorities, tasks, scheduling) that you need to make the next step a success. Without this first component, many people never stand a fair chance at success; my goal is to make that fair chance the standard - and sharable.

The second component, Practical Application through Strategic Action, is how you implement what you've learned in order to create an asset which produces a recurring revenue stream for you, giving you the template for economic independence and quality of life.

I've mixed these 2 ingredients into a recipe for self-reliance, in an online course I'm christening "AUTONOMY"

The plan is to deliver the curriculum through pre-recorded videos as well as live streams on each topic, fielding questions live from the group, and refining the course internally and ensuring successful implementation on your end.

The technical aspects of doing that have been challenging to navigate, but currently we have a working solution for video live streaming and using the T&H chat, and soon we'll have an app that will facilitate and streamline the process.

Before I offer it to the public, I want to ensure that *ALL* Tragedy and Hope subscribers have the opportunity to be the first to reap the benefits, and get private instruction and personal feedback through live interaction - aspects which will not likely be in the the course when it becomes publicly available.

First and foremost: You must be a current subscriber to the Tragedy and Hope Advanced Access membership level.

Next: Join the T&H Entrepreneur Expertise Group, wherein I'll be hosting the Live-Stream sessions.

For those who can't make the Live-Stream sessions, there will be replays and Q&A sessions to ensure that you're getting the most benefit without having to shuffle your schedule.  I know how precious time is, my goal is to help you make the most of yours.

I recognized how important this project is in terms of helping T&H members gain some immediate traction - both subjectively through learning and objectively through the practical application - and I'm excited to finally get it into action. I've dedicated a lot of time to thinking through and solving this problem, and by transferring this important knowledge you'll be able to put it to work and I'll be able to return my full attention and focus to my book & film projects; because once created the course will continue to serve its function.

The #1 reason people offer for unsubscribing from T&H has been because they are struggling financially.

I understand that - and because I don't want money to be a barrier for people who want to participate, when they write to me and explain, we continue their access to the resources until they're again able to financially contribute. 

I also understand that I've sacrificed a lot in order to invest my time and focus into creating valuable solutions for some very substantial problems common to almost everyone- the chief of which is the fact that freedom and Cognitive Liberty are being systematically eradicated across the planet, and may disappear forever, becoming a myth - and that would be tragic, for billions of souls in the future, not to mention those of us inhabiting the Earth presently.

So I'm doubling-down, I'm refining my efforts and expanding my endeavors to ensure that for those who don't want the easy way out, for those who are willing to put in the time and effort and focus and attention to actually do some real thinking, find some substantial answers, and change the world by improving themselves - have the chance to do so, and the tools with which to do the job, mentally and economically.

I make solutions for people who know the value of Cognitive Liberty and Physical Freedom, and desire to sharpen their intellect and abilities.

You're reading this because you're in the midst of writing your own script in life; I want to help you expedite that process - mapping out what's necessary and where the common pitfalls are - so that you don't waste precious time wandering around in an uncharted territory.

The Autonomy course will be open to beta-users (not open to the public, must be a current T&H advanced access subscriber or Patreon patron of $15 or more per month) and during the initial course presentation we'll create the recipe for the most efficient and effective transition of knowledge, and what evolves out of our learning process will be the final course offering. 

That means as a beta-user of the Autonomy course, you'll get the chance to interact live as I share the principles and methods of the various components, and this allows vicarious Q&A during these sessions. 

Unlike what schools and universities teach, the purpose of Autonomy is to make available to you the various skill sets necessary to live as a self-reliant and autonomous individual - well versed in how to traverse the rigors and challenges of daily life, and therefore able to add value to the lives of others whom you encounter throughout life.

Get directly to the point. Put it in Action. Refine. Repeat.

Thank you for your contribution to this fundraiser - you'll be pleasantly surprised how rapidly Autonomy can provide visible results!

Liberty Lives in the Light.

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